Hypocritical hypocrisy

If you have the audacity to state that you believe a lifestyle is immoral in any manner people will point out an hypocrisy.  They point out your hypocrisies with the suggestion that you are due for some self-actualization.  Their goal, whether they pursue it in a conscious manner or not, is to deflect the analysis you have caused them.  Most people do not engage in such lifestyles, but they want the freedom to do so without guilt.  They also want the wonderful feeling they get for being open-minded and wonderful.  Why is it only in the acceptance of the immoral that a person feels such validation of their existence?  Why is it that in choosing to counter the moral person, a wonderful person feels that they have placed themselves in a proper position in life?   We are all in search of who we are in life.  We seek out rational and emotional arguments to supplement our definition of ourselves, and we use usually select the easier, emotional side, because the rational side is so much more difficult to understand, explain and co-opt.  It’s a lot like music.  Do we prefer the music that can be difficult to deconstruct and understand, or do we prefer the three beats that nest in a comfortable place in our brains and make us feel good about ourselves in the short term?

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