Hating the President

There is a segment of the U.S. population that will always remain stubbornly uninformed.  When the news comes on, they zone out; when pertinent matters arise, they devolve to apathy with the idea that their voice means very little; and when conversations switch to politics they grow overtly bored.  Either that, or they invoke the soundbite of the day for that particular president.  The best method for the uninformed to appear informed is to vocalize their hate for the president.

“I don’t know if I’m Republican or Democrat,” a friend said to me years ago, “but I hate the president.”  When I asked her why.  She said: “because he’s a retard.”  She then went into what little she knew about the president, but the overriding point was made.  She hated the president even though she knew nothing about politics, but her provocative statement gained huzzah’s from a large contingent of those around us.

We know that since John Adams there has always been a contingent of the population that genuinely hated the president.  I think Washington escaped the tradition due to the newness of the whole shabang, but Adams didn’t, Jefferson didn’t, Lincoln, McKinley, Eisenhower, Ford, H.W. Bush, and W didn’t.  Let’s take the genuine haters out of the equation for a second and ask the question why do the uninformed leap to hate?  And do they hate a black president with all the connotations of such an emotion? 

It would seem to me an American tradition to hate our parents to a degree that grants us independence.  We hate our boss for the reality that he invokes on our idea of independence, and we hate our leaders for infringing on our freedoms.  The desire to appear intelligent through hating the president was something I did not see until it was up on me.  It worked too, for no matter how many good things I brought up I was defeated before I spoke.  She had gained the provocative/intelligent points she sought.


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