Darwinism in the work place

The job that I work should not be a competitive environment.  The job does not involve sales or any kind of monetary advance for the company, but the powers that be insist that we install a competitive nature to the employees.  Competition will inevitably make the employees better, is the line of thought that employers and employees ascribe to their actions.  While that may be true in some instances, in other instances it will make them worse when such competition inevitably exposes the weaker employees.  The other day, one of the employees said: “Okay, miss 3.5% error rate.”  This exposed the flaw in the plan in that a cultural divide will begin to occur between those that excel in the department and those that falter.  A degree of Darwinism will occur among those that achieve high stats.  The question that you may have is don’t you understand that America was built on the basis of competition?  The answer to that is yes, but I still don’t see the need to expose the weak and glorify the strong in an entry level job such as the one we are involved in.  A point of diminishing returns then begins to assert itself when the lower 10% constantly drops off, until you are in a constant state of flux.  You will constantly have to train and retrain a group of people for the same job that that original group did fairly well.  If that lower 10% is producing far below a standard, then you should deal with them on a one on one basis, until an ultimate decision can be made on their employment.  The public humiliation aspect is not as effective to my mind.

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