Harry Reid’s Elitism

          In a December speech given as an official dedication of a new Capitol Visitor Center, Harry Reid commented on the good ventilation system that the building would employ.  He said: “In the summertime, because (of) the high humidity and how hot it gets here, you could literally smell the tourists coming into the Capitol.” 

          I’ve told this story to a number of people, and most people laugh.  Harry meant it as a joke, but I don’t understand how people I know could laugh.  In every decent joke, there is an element of truth attached.  Did Harry mean the joke, or was he simply going for an off color joke?  Who cares, it shouldn’t be funny to anyone.

          I think we all learned on the playground to assume that the bully wasn’t talking about us.  It was the best way to avoid the follow up.  They were talking about us then, and they are talking about us now.  We just let them get away with it, because our self-esteem prohibits us from considering ourselves riff raff.  Are we riff raff to Harry Reid though?  

          Are you someone who makes less than 250,000 a year, then you’re probably riff raff.  Do you have two kids, a wife and a picket fence?  Riff raff.  Did you graduate from college?  Did you graduate with a Law degree?  Was it an Ivy League school?  You’re probably riff raff to Reid.

          Look at the disdain they show a faction of the people who chose to voice their opinions in the recent town hall meetings held with our senators and congress people.  I’m sure that the behind the scenes comments are not being made about you on this matter, because you agree with them.  What if you don’t though?  What is you deign to disagree with them on a matter you hold dear, do you think that they will hold you in high regard if you disagree with them?  If your answer to that is yes, then you are probably what Josef Stalin would call a useful idiot.   

          Comedians implore this technique of telling a joke about the people before them, but they always get a laugh because no one ever assumes the comedian is talking about them.  Comedians are trying to get people to laugh at themselves, however, and this is something we all enjoy doing.  Was Harry Reid attempting to do the same thing?  I guess, if you know that you smell, and you know you’re not worthy of Reid’s perch in life.

          I’ve also heard congressmen and senators say that there’s no way that the people in attendance at the various town hall meetings were common folk, because they were dressed in Brooks Brothers suits.  So, when common folk get gussied up, what do these people think we wear?  If we gathered up some body odor would they know that it’s us?  Would they take us a little more serious if we smelled and dressed in plaid? 

          Who are these people?  Do they believe that they have achieved aristocracy?  Aren’t we supposed to live in a representative republic?  Are they still representative of our views and our lives, or have they reached a point where they decree a standard of living on us from Mount Olympus?


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