Politicians VS. Statesmen: Solving Problems

          Politicians do not seek to solve problems.  If they were able to solve all of the problems that they list in their platform what would they run on in the next election? 

          The number one job of incumbents, in my opinion, is to get re-elected.  Let’s take the current health care crisis in our country.  Did you know that there are a number of restrictions on health insurance companies regarding where they can provide insurance?  The restrictions are placed on a state by state basis.  Another huge problem, if you ask doctors or anyone involved in the health care industry, is legal costs.  A doctor, who has already spent thousands on his education, must then spend thousands on malpractice insurance.  We also know that illegal immigrants visiting emergency rooms has been extremely damaging to health care costs.  It seems to me that an excellent trial balloon would be to break down the state by state restrictions put on insurance companies, put a monetary cap on all lawsuits in tort reform in the health-care industry, and put some form of restrictions or emergency aid to illegal immigrants until we can get some form of control on the situation. 

          These are simple truths that a statesman would recognize as the core of the problem.  I’m not saying that my solutions are fool-proof, but they are a step in the right direction, and my solutions recognize the true problems in the industry.  Politicians would not direct their proposals in this direction for two reasons: They would tick off one of their largest political action committees Big Trial Lawyers, and it might solve the problem in a manner for which they couldn’t take credit, and To paraphrase Ronald Reagan: “You can solve a lot of problems, as long as you don’t care who gets the credit.”


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