The Meaning of X-mas

A recent Mental Floss article in the Know-It-All section provides a snarky statement that says: “Some conservatives see the abbreviation as part of a war on Christmas–an attempt to remove “Christ” from the holiday.”  But acutally, the X in xmas goes back at leat a millenium.  X represented the Greek letter Chi, which was associated with Christ.”  It’s all well and good that Editor-At-Large A.J. Jacobs seeks to demean conservatives as uneducated reactionaries, but what of the holiday greetings on department store placards, gas station signs, and bank signs that list the abbreviation?  If their sole purpose is to send holiday greetings within the size contraints of their sign that is fine, but to suggest that a majority of those creating the signs are doing so as an homage to the Greek representations while the conservative reactions are ill-informed reactionaries suggests to me that Mr. Jacobs may be engaged in a little selective reasoning.   Perhaps a little objectivity should’ve entered the piece.


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