Government to solve the problems it causes

My latest bugaboo is when a politician steps to a podium and says: “I’m here to save the day!” The politician then says that private industry has failed you, and it is now time to declare that government is the only thing that will save you from a horrible demise. This particular politician may not have been directly responsible for whatever malaise they are describing, but their peers did. The thing with private enterprise is that when they fail, they’re called out on it. They’re put out of business. Government is not. Government is judged by it’s intentions not it’s results. For example, if one of their proposed pieces of legislation fails, they back that up with ten other pieces of legislation to cover for that failure. “It failed,” they say, “because we didn’t throw enough money at it.” If they’re then called out on their failure, those of us who are ticked off and overwhelmed are called mean-spirited and partisan for calling them out. They had good intentions after all. It just didn’t work.
Most government officials know nothing of business. If they did, they wouldn’t be working for the government.


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