Republicans Need to get Mean

There was an old bumper sticker in the 90’s that said ‘Mean people suck.’ Of course the connotation was that the driver, presumably a soft and squishy liberal, was not mean. Republicans cannot listen to the media depict them as a bunch of meanies. They’ll do that if we have a soft and squishy John McCain or a big, bad meany like Pat Buchanan. If you want to win a major election in 2010 and 2012, you have to go for the throat. You have to exhibit what Tom Waddle, of the NFL Network, called the Neanderthal gene if you want to win. This may make Katie Courhic cry, and it may make former anchor Charlie Gibson look down his professorial spectacles at us, but we have got to play dirty. I like what Romney said at a Value Voters Summit Saturday when he said: “I’ll bet you never dreamed you’d look back at Jimmy Carter as the good old days.” It’s a good start. This is the kind of reinforcement the public needs when they look at the results of Obama’s dreams for the nation. Congressman Lee Terry called this the nastiest, most partisan session of Congress he has been in thus far, and it’s controlled by the people who think mean people suck. It’s time to get the armaments out if we want to win the battle.


2 thoughts on “Republicans Need to get Mean

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