The American Experiment

Think about what millions of people have done to salvage what Lincoln called: “The great American Experiment.” Think how many lives have been lost, how many brutal thugs have been dethroned, and how much money and treasure have been lost to preserve this great freedom that we have. Consider now the fact that for the last couple decades this foundation has been chipped away. No one person or group would get away with a massive overhaul, yet, but there has been a little thing called incrementalism that has crept in and gained acceptance. The keys to victory, for those who want to chip away, are through defeat. They’re inexhaustible, because they know what they’re up against. Yet, they have found acceptance by counting on our bend toward acceptance. We all strive to be open-minded, and we all strive to be inclusive. Therefore, when a person confronts us with an opposing viewpoint we may reject it on an idealogical standpoint, but we tell them that we understand their viewpoint. When they come at us again, we are a little more forgiving. We do not want to be judgmental. When they come at us again, we offer an alternative based on their premise. We want them to believe that we are intellectuals who consider all viewpoints, and then we allow for a compromised bill on that standpoint. Before long, of course, their entire agenda is implemented, and we don’t get angry, because where has anger ever gotten us? It only makes us look bad when we get angry about something and protest it. We just need to accept the fact that someone thinks differently than we do, and we need to learn to live with the new ideas that they’re implemented, until we are living in a country far different than the one that existed when they first approached us with their contrary viewpoint. This grand experiment that Lincoln and Washington and Calvin Coolidge and Ronald Reagan fought for at one time, is slowly slipping away, and we’re not really doing anything about it.


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