Health Insurers–Profit Mongers

6% profit margins are the latest ledgers of the profit margins corporate greedy Health Insurers tabulate at the end of every year. That’s 6 cents on every dollar that the greedy Health Insurers gouge us for on a yearly basis. I for one say: “How dare they!” The Democrats are right. Obama is right. They gouge us in a manner that is almost inhuman. Government should run this area of our country. Last year alone, the health care industry racked up a rapacious 2.2% profit margin. That, my friends, is almost two and a half cents on every dollar. I say we join the government and Democrats and stamp out this draconian practice of bleeding our country with no sympathy for patients. I say that a little corporate compassion is due to we patients. I say that if don’t stand up now and let the government run our lives, where will we be in five years? We can’t do this ourselves. Government has done it’s part in legislating the industry to such a degree that they haven’t operated correctly in a generation, why shouldn’t we give them the reigns and allow them to take over the remaining 30% they don’t already own. Look how they’ve reshaped the Department of Motor Vehicles. They’ve made customer service one of their top 1,000 priorities. Look what they’ve done with mail carrier service. At last check, they have never allowed the complaints of their customers get in the way of their pursuit of delivery. They’ve established a bronze standard in the industry, behind only Fed Ex and UPS. How can we afford to allow corporate greed mongers that are answerable to shareholders and customers provide us such an esstential need versus those are answerable to no one? We need a public option now to eventually drive these service oriented 2.2 percenters out of business now to make way for an ultimate decision in health care that will be answerable to no one. That’s what I call one-stop shopping.

Who better to serve us than a man with a group of trial lawyers backing him up? Who will be better to help us fight our doctors than a man who has a group of lobbyists backing him up, than a man who counts on those lobbyists to give him money for his next election. They may reference your questions in a campaign, but they will never slow down progress to provide you with an answer. They’re the ones with no hands on experience in this field, they’re the ones who have all the easy sounding soundbites, and they’re the ones who say this will all be free some day if we can get the 2.2% profit demons out of the way. We must unite America and give our health care industry over to Washington, so that they can get re-elected.


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