What’s the first thing that a liberal will tell you if they are asked to characterize a conservative: racist. They will then probably follow that up with: dumb, bigoted, sexist, homophobe, xenophobe and probably something along the lines of uncultured. They will then inform you that conservatives engage in mean spirited name-calling and divisive tactics. Unfortunately, most conservative leaders react to the name calling, for it is the human condition to want to be liked. At the core of the liberal name calling is the idea that they loathe our ideas. Our ideas are different than theirs, and since most liberals cannot defeat a conservative on rational ideas, they become emotional and try to level the playing field with what they deem an appropriately placed name.

The thing of it is, most liberals are not solutions oriented. Most liberals want to display for you their deep felt concerns for the problem, and they want to condemn any and all solutions. The usual condemnation centers around the theme that the solution is too simplistic.

Let’s take the current problem we have in the education system. Even the most ardent liberal would admit that this forty plus year idea has not worked, but they simply don’t have any other solutions. The first solution is to invoke standardized testing. “Nope,” say the liberals, “those tests are culturally biased.” Even to children that have lived in our culture since birth. Okay, how about we provide some sort of evaluation on the teachers. “That’s not right,” say the liberals. “Teachers have enough on their plate trying to handle your children, they should not have to face annual evaluations.” If you then push that issue, they picket. Okay, how about a voucher program. “We should not consider competition a solution, not when it comes to our kids.” What is your solution? “I don’t know, but the problem is a big one I’ll give you that.”

I’ve had friends laugh when they talk about the disarray of the conservatives. They say that there’s no unity to conservative movement. I take that laughter with a grain of salt when I consider that their philosophy is a philosophy of lock step mentality. If you don’t follow the party line, you’re just not very compassionate.


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