After Obamacare

When Harry Reid, Rahm Immanuel, Chris Dodd and Max Baucus finish deciding how we are going to get health care from their smoke filled room that occurs far from scrutiny, they will attach it to a bill, so that their fellow Democrats don’t have to answer on a straight up or down vote. If they are successful in getting it to the floor in this manner, they will only need 51 votes for passage in the Senate.

If they are successful in passing this unpopular bill, they will change this country in ways we cannot perceive at this moment, and they will have done so (as stated above) by skirting the normal rules of the Senate. If it is passed, at a time of rising deficits, they will add to the deficit exponentially. Passing a bill that the Wall Street Journal calls one of the worst pieces of legislation in our country’s history.

If the result of this bill causes failure in the health care industry, the Democrats will let us know that they are the ones to fix it. As precedent for this idea, the late Ted Kennedy spearheaded the move for HMO’s. HMO’s, by most accounts, were a dismal failure. Guess who led this cry against HMO’s: Ted Kennedy. He was the author of the 1973 HMO act. In 1978, five years into the prorgram, he bragged: “As the author of the first HMO bill ever to pass the Senate, I find this spreading support for HMOs truly gratifying . . .HMOs have proven themselves again and again to be effective and efficient mechanisms for delivering health care of the highest quality?” He then became what some call a vicious opponent of HMO’s. Did he take any blame for the bureaucracy gone amok? Of course not. He criticized the organization for denying patients Medicare payments. At the very end, however, when the liberal lion was on his death bed, he chose private health care. But I digress, once this health care bill is proven to be the disaster that so many believe it will be, the Democrats will claim that they are there to fix this bureaucracy gone amok, and that will not do it in a way that suggests that they are to blame for it. They may even blame the Republicans or private health care (if such a term exists when they are done with it). They will be your friend and sign more bills and pass more legislation, until this thing is good and fixed.


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