Passing an Unpopular Bill 101

The Democrats and the media claim that Republicans are partisan. The media will take it one step further when they make claims that the only reason anyone would consider a Democrat partisan is that they don’t understand what Democrats are trying to do for them.

An interesting statement came out of a group that opposes the health care bill. They said that Congressman and Senators are no longer listening to emails and phone calls. They basically said that it is pointless to email and call now. They said that we need to confront these representatives face to face to tell them what we think of their bill. I realize that these people oppose the bill, but you would think that these people would be saying ramp up the emails and the phone calls. Instead, the opposition claims that that is now pointless. They’re no longer listening. Is this because we don’t understand that the 2,000 page bill is trying to help us? Do the Congressman who voted for this bill understand it? Do they think it will help Americans, or do they think it will help Obama and Democrats get re-elected? Where is their greater concern? Are they acting in our behalf, or are they acting in partisan measures.

I think we all understand that this is a gargantuan bill that will transform this country in ways that may be irrevocable, so why was it 220-215? Does it help Americans, or does it help Democrats? If it helps Americans, then the Republicans who voted 176-1 against it are in big trouble. Why did we have to rush it through on a Saturday night, if most of this bill doesn’t take effect until 2015? Does it help Americans, or does it help Democrats? They’re only trying to help you, so just shut up and take your medicine.


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