Terrorism–How could we be so stupid?

I took my girlfriend to the terrible “Pearl Harbor” movie. In that movie, they detailed for the audience all the warning signs for the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor. My girlfriend, an apolitical person asked me a serious question: “How could we be so stupid?” I informed her of the theory that FDR wanted to get us into the war, but even I didn’t believe that one. I said it could’ve had something to do with politics. Isolationists, like Charles Lindbergh, held great sway at the time, and FDR would’ve surely lost re-election if he issued the order for a pre-emptive attack. But I digress, when someone says: “How could we be so stupid?” they are usually speaking in hindsight. They don’t believe that we would ever let something like that happen again. We have precedent now, don’t we? Enter political correctness. Who do the political correct crowd attack more than any other? Who is their target? Some would say schools, well that battle could be considered a total victory. How about the workplace? To my mind, that battle was won long ago. The next great battle is in the military. I think Fort Hood stand as a shining example that the military and the US government have been compromised by politcal correctness.


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