Hating Sarah Palin

All liberals are saying is give hate a chance. Are you a conservative who suffers from a superiority complex? Are you a self-loathing conservative who seeks to further your self-esteem by getting others to like you? Have you ever considered hating Sarah Palin?

If you’re one of those people that doesn’t get all caught up in ideals, party platforms or consistent thought, there’s an opportunity waiting for you to make friends and influence people. The liberal intelligencia is making a one-time, limited offer for you to hate and be loved. If you act now, you too can be considered smart and be loved. For a limited few, there may even be a chance to appear on an NBC network.

Sarah Palin is a woman, and we all know that you’re not supposed to hate women. You’re also not supposed to believe that a woman is less than educated. This is why the opportunity to feel comfortable with your prejudices is such a special offer. With Sarah Palin you not only get a conservative, but a prolife supporter, and an outspoken one at that. She is a wormhole in the politically correct universe that offers you untold riches among liberals if you choose the mission of dissenter.

You may still claim that you are a conservative among our kind, as long as you add the caveat: “but I’m not a fan of Sarah Palin.” You can then call her dumb or inexperienced. You can state that she didn’t attend a prestigious college on the east coast, and state that she doesn’t have the intellectual wherewithal to be a world leader. You can also state that she doesn’t have the experience, but leave out the fact that she had more executive experience than Barack Obama had at the time.

Stating that a conservative is dumb will gain you liberal friends every time. It’s a strategy that liberals and conservatives have used to get along since Dwight D. Eisenhower. It helps us all get along to acknowledge that conservatives are not educated, and shouldn’t it be our motive in life…to get along?


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