Liberalism in the Textbooks

A Public Speaking textbook I recently purchased is just littered with liberalism. Upon cracking the binding, I was introduced to the author, from the University of Wisconsin–Madison. I should’ve known I was in trouble right then and there. The table of contents has a picture of George Clooney, speaking from a SaveDarfur lecturn. Obama’s picture is there, that’s all right I said, he’s seen as a proficient speaker, and the book is about speech right. Well, Chelsea Clinton is also listed. I’ve seen her give a speech for her Mother’s presidential candidacy, and I’m sure she’s given a few others, but to list her in a book about speech? Then there’s Thomas Friedman, Nelson Mandela, Leonard DiCaprio, and Arnold Schwarzenegger–the liberal, Republican that was added for diversity.

Angelina Jolie is listed in here. I can’t get away from the woman. She has huge lips, and she has to be the number one woman that women would sleep with if they were a man, but speech? I’ve seen her talk on the red carpet, and she’s said some stuff about save the earth, but to list her in a book about speech? She must be a liberal. I don’t care one way or another, but I’m sure she’s overjoyed at the prospect of being listed in a college textbook.

Then there’s Bob Geldof, Danny Glover, and Bill Richardson. Could anyone convince me that these are dynamic speakers? I know they’ve all spoken out on liberal causes, but what is going on here. I’m guessing that the author of the textbook didn’t hear that Geldof gave some credit to the most evil man that has ever existed in the history of the planet Earth George W. Bush when he said that Bush did some good things in Africa. I know it’s not much, but I would at least think it would be enough to get him kicked out of this textbook.

The fifth and sixth words of the textbook are Van Jones. Van Jones, the communist wrapped in a green blanket is listed with proverbial exclamation points of greatness. Me thinks the author may have jumped the gun a little on that one. As I said earlier, the deification of Barack Obama would be one thing when one considers his numerous speeches, the timing of the text, and the fact that he’s president, but there’s very little mention of Abraham Lincoln, Winston Churchill, and Ronald Reagan. In history class, I heard that these people gave some speeches that were fairly well received, but I suppose that we probably shouldn’t be learning history in a Speech class. The History class taught me that B.C. (as in Before Christ) and A.D. (Anno Domini–in the year of our Lord) have been replaced by B.C.E. (before the common era) and C.E. (common era). The demarcation timeline is exactly the same, but no one knows why it was placed there. I hope anyone out there that hasn’t heard all this, enjoys the comedic post. They’re coming folks, and they’re going to eat your children’s brains off.


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