Democrat Senator Max Baucus nominated girlfriend for U.S. attorney post

I don’t think anyone can deny that if Baucus was a Republican, this would warrant a headline story. Instead, you are forced to go to alternative, internet sources for information on Democrat hypocrisy.

Democrats will tell you that it’s not as bad when Democrats commit such acts, because they never claim to be paragons of virtue in the same manner that Republicans do. While I think that line is getting old, and it strikes me that it is a copout developed by Democrats, so that they don’t have to deal with the nefarious acts members of their party commit. What really gets me all fired up is that they choose not to report these actions. They don’t allow us to decide if this is a nefarious act or a private matter between two individuals. When it’s a Republican, they not only report the actions, but they tell us what to think about them. They do exactly what they accuse fox News of. It’s called projection.


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