The American Experiment

When I was younger, I was taught that it was unseemly to tell a person who didn’t like America that they should move. I was told that this was a simplistic, knee-jerk answer given by small-minded people to dissenters. They would add that dissent is one of the hallmarks of America.

I don’t think this country is perfect, and I believe in it so much that I am confident in putting back her detractors on most issues, but every once in awhile one of these detractors is so insistent and so constant that my ultimatim slips out.

We’ve come to a crossroads in America today, as we do at least once in a generation. Usually this crossroads concerns foreign forces or foreign entities that America must thwart to maintain herself. It’s my opinion that these forces are not only in the country, they’re running the country.

These people sound like those who were so insistent and consistent in their dissent against America. It’s always difficult and inconsistent to define love, so let’s just say that the people running our country today do not love the country as it was. They want to “change” this country in ways the WWII generation would not recognize. They want to change it in a manner the WWII might say: “This isn’t what we fought for, and this isn’t what we died for.”

We could argue the specifics of Cap and Trade and the Health Care legislation that are before our leaders right now until we’re all blue in the face, but one thing that is inarguable is that it will change this country in a way that those who lived in the early 1900’s would say: “what, why?” These two pieces of legislation alone will move us farther away from Capitalism than we were in the early 1900’s when it could be argued we were still a struggling country. Through their struggles and sacrifices, and the struggles and sacrifices of the WWII generation we’ve become the most prosperous nation on the planet. We’re now looking to dismantle this. I have two questions: “What?” and “Why?”

If you don’t like Capitalism why don’t you move? There are plenty of opportunities out there for one to explore if they don’t like Capitalism. Why ruin the last, best hope of those who seek to become the best at something? It’s obvious that these people who are representing us do not care what we think, for it appears as though they are going to go forward with a vote on these wildly unpopular bills, but what about that person who dreams of the riches he can achieve if he can only find his way to America?

A friend of mine is from West Africa. This person loves his country as much as one man can love a country, but he was chosen to come to America. He said that everything he did in his life led him to a point where his countrymen decided that he should be afforded the opportunity to do something more with his life. He confessed to me that he cried when he was chosen for this opportunity. We’re now seeking to diminish that ultimate goal so many have come to our shores seeking, we’re seeking to pull America back to the pack a little more, so that we’re not the ultimate goal anymore, so we’re more like the other countries that offer all the same things, and we’re seeking to diminish that which separates us from the rest of the world, so we’ll be more like them. Why?

Some may argue that these plans will not kill the golden goose, and that it will only make it better. We had a plan for success, and up until about 2006 it was swimming along at an unprecedented pace. Did we have bumps in the road, which country didn’t, and should one completely overhaul a plan that was suceessful in an unprecedented manner based on a blip, bump in the road? We’re not just killing the golden goose for us, so that we can feel more compassionate, but we’re killing it for future generations, and future generations of foreigners who seek the opportunities we have taken for granted for so long.


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