Obama vs. Bush


One year into his first term, Obama is leading Bush by 6%. I would think that this would have scary implications for Obama supporters. Obama supporters could probably say that we’re jumping the gun with these figures, and they are confident that by the end of his term Obama will win out and show the American public that his ideas are going to work. In essense, they are saying that Obama should ignore the poll numbers and go full steam ahead. Isn’t this what the liberals in the media said was wrong with the Bush administration? Didn’t they call him arrogant for pursuing an agenda regardless what the polls say? To answer that, Andrea Mitchell said: “The American people don’t understand what they (the Obama administration and the Congress) are trying to do for them.” So, if you listen to the media, Obama can do no wrong even if he does precisely what they criticized Bush for most often.

In another, similar note, one of the harshest criticisms that conservatives send Obama is in the way of his Czars. Conservatives say that these Czars are unelected and unapproved by the Senate, which makes them a little less accountable to the American public. The liberals counter that Bush had Czars. Bush had about 35 of them. Obama has about 38 of them. If Bush was the most evil leader of the western world in our lifetime, why would you emulate him in any manner? If there was no accountability in the previous administrations, as Obama has said, why would you appoint individuals who are not accountable?


One thought on “Obama vs. Bush

  1. Obama’s policies and the thugs he has surrounded himself with are going to kill his chances of doing much of anything that won’t be overturned. His fiscal model, spend spend spend fly in the face of how a government gets out of debt historically by lowering taxes on business, lowering marginal income tax rates, eliminate capital gains taxes, taxes on dividends and interest.
    If he put for those ideas he would be the first 1/2 black Ronald Reagan.


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