Is Freedom an Antiquated Notion?

Obama has stated that he doesn’t want to pursue victory in the manner we did in Japan, or in the manner Bush did in Iraq. He didn’t say the latter, but he left that implication. He basically said that victory is an antiquated notion when the conversation of war arises. Victory should be left to sporting events and small minded people who value their guns and religion. Civilizations and war and people are complicated notions, but is the idea of victory over a people an antiquated notion for the Mongols or Alexander the Great? And what of freedom? Isn’t freedom based on the occasional victory over the bad guys? What is freedom? Who are the bad guys? Are we left to understand that we can’t really be free in this enlightened age of compassion? Should we understand that there are no good guys, there are no bad guys, there’s only you and me, and baby we can’t agree?


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