My Threshhold on Caring

Could it be that one of the primary reasons for the fall of Newsweek, the NY Times, and all of the other failures in print media has to do with the fact that they’re telling us what we should care about rather than reporting on what we do care about?

In a recent ‘best of ’09’ magazine article, we were told that a lot of the best people of ’09 did during the year to make this planet a better place to live. I thumbed through this magazine, and I realized that I didn’t care about any of these people or any of the acts that they performed throughout the year.

One of the best of ’09 characters was a man who made nuclear technology safer. Nuclear technology is not my issue, and I’m sure that I will receive numerous emails telling me how I am factually incorrect, but from what I understand nuclear technology has always been deemed safe for human use. The liberal enclave France uses it for criminy’s sake. The use of nuclear power hit a wall in the ’70’s when the fair-minded beacon of political and philosophical virtue Jane Fonda agreed to do a movie called The China Syndrome. This movie may have gone down as another conspiracy theory if not for the incident at Three Mile Island. The movie, and the coincidental incident at Three Mile Island, caused a nationwide panic about nuclear power that exists to this day. But, says this magazine, this may be over thanks to this guy. Well, if it was safe in the beginning, what did this guy do? I did not read the article. I knew that it would be a fluff piece of the rewriting of history based on the movie and the incident that made it seem like nuclear power was fine now…according to them.

That line right there “According to them” is the line that prevents me from reading such articles. I don’t know who they are, what they believe, or how they came about their answers for America. I know that I usually disagree with their summations, and I usually questions their bona fides. I also (and here’s the key point) don’t care what they think. I know I’m supposed to care what they think, because I’m supposed to think that they’re more intelligent than I am, and they are more in tune with the issues than I am, and that they know better than I do how to fix everything, but I don’t. On all counts, I say I don’t know any of that. In the end, I put the magazine back on the library rack and walk away. It wasn’t even worth reading, for free, in a library. I didn’t think it would advance my life in anyway, so I walked away.


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