Blacks and the Democrat Party

By now, most of us have heard the oft repeated quote from Senator Harry Reid about Obama from the book Game Change. In his quote, Reid said that: “Americans would vote for Barack Obama because he was a light-skinned African-American with no Negro dialect, unless he wanted to have one.”

I’ve noticed that few media outlets have run the Bill Clinton quote. During the ’08 election, Ted Kennedy’s endorsement was a high point of contention between the Clinton camp and the Obama camp. The book Game Change is reporting that Clinton, in a phone conversation, asked for Kennedy’s endorsement of his wife by saying: “C’mon Ted, a few years ago, this guy (Obama) would have been getting us coffee.”

During the same campaign, Obama’s now vice president Joe Biden claimed that Obama was articulate and clean.

At the very least, and I don’t care who you are, these comments are demeaning. They would be demeaning to a white guy, but when you add the history of race, slavery, and civil rights, it becomes even more demeaning. The trick is Democrats know that they can get away with it, because blacks have no power as a voting block, and they have no political power. Where else are they going to go is the general consensus among Democrats.

From what I understand Martin Luther King wanted his followers to have political power. He wanted the black vote to cut 50/50, so both parties would be vying for their vote, but in MLK’s dicussions with the ’68 RNC candidate Barry Goldwater, MLK couldn’t get Goldwater to budge on his nay vote against civil rights legislation as it stood at that point in history. Due to this fact, MLK gave his endorsement to LBJ, and since that point the black vote has increasingly gone to the Democrats, until today where it is in the 90% stratosphere. Two notes on this: 1) Blacks now have no political power, an aspect that MLK feared. The Republicans know they can’t get them, and the Democrats know they can’t lose them. 2) Before signing the Civil Rights legistlation, LBJ is reported to have smugly said: “I’m going to have these (N-words) voting Democrat for the next forty years.”

I wonder what MLK would’ve thought of that quote had he lived long enough to hear it. I wonder what he would’ve thought of Harry Reid and Bill Clinton and Joe Biden. I wonder if he would’ve cringed or second-guessed himself. I wonder if he would’ve pulled his endorsement of the Democrat party in the decades that followed, and he was able to see what total loyalty to the Democrat party has done to the black race politically and socially?


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