Liberals and Schools

We’ve all seen the pot shots that modern day movies take at the antiquated curriculum taught in the 1950’s in public school America. The antiquated 50’s taught their students that America was the greatest country on the planet. This is why, according to those who attended school in this era, it was so shocking that the Russians beat us to space with Sputnik. They believed that America was a moral country that lent its blood and treasure to Europe to help them defeat a tyrant. They said their Pledge of Allegiance, and God was, at the very least, more than a swear word to the 1950’s public school students. America has come out of it’s black and white 50’s era, a depiction given in a 1998 movie


to the era of color, enlightenment, liberalism and confusion.

We’ve decided to neuter gender differences in our current era, differences in sexual preferences are promoted, sexual activity is believed to be an inevitability among our young people, and most of our puritanical ideals are highly discouraged so that we don’t offend anyone that we may ever come in contact with, but is it better? Are the liberals teaching our children to become better humans? Is all this hyper-sensitivity providing the kids an atmosphere conducive to growth and quality preparation for the rough and ready world of corporate America? Or, is all of this just indoctrination? Thomas Sowell has a line about this that says: “If you can’t do it: teach, but if you can’t teach it: indoctrinate.”

I don’t disagree that these principles should be taught to children to a certain degree, but to what degree? What degree of prominence should be lent to these prinicples? What of the higher education principles, involving math, science, and language? America is falling behind in all categories, and it could be argued the the reason for this is that our schools are placing their prominence in the wrong areas.

Will we be looking back at this generation with a sense of pride that we did something right by our kids. We taught them to respect the differences of all those around them to such a degree that we made the world a better place, or will we see this as a black and white era depicted in a Pleasantville II? I have a feeling that there will be many who scoff at our era saying: “I would’ve been afraid to say anything in a social climate like that one.”


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