A Health Care Debate

1) I am stunned by the comments here. Can someone please explain what we are going to do with our health care system?

1A) The best thing we could do with our health care system, in reforming it would be to take government out of the process more. Right now, the government has so many restrictions on health care that it is almost impossible for a doctor to operate properly. If we allowed insurance companies to operate across state lines, for example, we would open up competition among insurance companies. If we pass tort reform, we would lower the medical costs that doctors pass onto you, and if we increased the uses of HSA’s more people would pay attention to itemized pricing, and we would brings costs down. How many people pay attention to what an X-ray costs nowadays? We don’t because insurance pays it. Government health care would only increase this ambivalence.

2) Do you really want it to be a business?

2A) Yes, businesses are more responsive to their clients than government is. With government, you are nothing more than a social security number with needs. The idea that your needs are catered to is based on supply. As a result, your needs are quantified and qualified, and some of US are drummed out of the system.
3) You mean, YOU go to the doctor with a serious illness and YOU will be treated as a “second class” patient, if at all, until YOU pop the check book?

3A) Again, the doctor is more responsive to the checkbook than government is to the need. If a doctor treats you like a second class citizen, then in a system that falls under capitalist ideals, you can go to another one who will treat you better.

4) And if YOU don’t have one, YOU go home sick and get sicker every day.

4A) How many people are refused health care? I believe that this catastrophe was a catastrophe drummed up by the politicians that wrecked the health care system in the beginning. It is a campaign slogan that politicians have put forth for too long. They screw up a private industry, and only they can come in and save the day (according to them). When we give them the mantle for fixing it, they screw it up more with the idea that you will need them more. Either that, or they fix it just enough to allow them to run on it in the next campaign. If they are ever called out on their limited successes, they just blame the other party for not helping them enough.

5) Guess who pays for YOU?

5A) You pay for you? Is that the answer. You are responsible for paying for the services that you receive? What a novel concept. It’s called capitalism. If you think health care is expensive now, wait until it’s free, or wait until the government gets its hands on it.

6) Are you sure YOU don’t want to change that?

6A) I would like to change it to a more capitalist enterprise (i.e. a more responsive institution). I would like the government to once again fear the power of the populace and their vote. I would like our representatives to once again realize that we give them their job, and we can take it away from them if they do not provide us with proper representation. As Senator-elect Brown said before he was Senator-elect, in his debate with Coakley: “This is not Senator Kennedy’s seat. It is the people’s seat.” Our government, and our fealty to this government, has gotten so out of control that this is considered a bold and defiant statement. Here’s to returning to the day that we take back our government and deny them the ability to totally govern our lives. If we allowed them to take over our health care system, they would only grow less responsive to our needs, their representation of our views would only lessen, for they would say: “Hey, where else are you going to go?!” Make no mistake, whether you like Obama or not, he is a person; Senator Dodd is a person; Barney Frank, Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid are all people. They accidentally slide into the arrogance that we cannot stop them based on the numbers, so they’re going to do whatever they want. It’s our job to slap them around every once in awhile, through voicing our concerns over their arrogance at the polls, and remind them that their powerplays affect us in a way that may cost them their jobs.


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