Obama Post Brown V Coakley

Some think that Obama will make a move to the center now that he has been made aware of the discontent among the electorate. I may be delusional in saying this, but I think that Obama may be the first true believer we’ve had in the Oval Office in some time. I had a feeling Clinton would move closer to the center after ’94, because Clinton was more of a politician than Obama is. As evidence of this, one need only look at his voting record in the Senate. He was the most liberal member of the Senate during his brief tenure there. Obama has a cabinet that makes us long for Jimmy Carter’s. Obama’s pre-election buddies were all far-left radicals, his wife basically claimed that she had been ashamed of America for much of her life, and Obama said: “We’re the ones we’ve been waiting for.”

If you’re merely a politician, you do whatever it takes to get re-elected, but if you’re the savior, you don’t buckle under the weight of one measly Senate election. You don’t change your ways because daily tracking polls show that your job approval ratings are low if you’re the one you’ve been waiting for. Jesus didn’t change his ways based on the statements of the Pharisees, and I don’t think Obama will change what he’s doing based on what an electorate says.

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