Obama Lies you are Required to Believe

“The Republicans are not doing enough to reach across the aisle.” I’ve heard Obama say this, I’ve heard his handlers say it, and I’ve heard his pundits say it. The question I would ask Obama is: “What have you done to reach across the aisle to this point?” I’m sure he would come prepared with a list off some of the things he thinks he’s done. “Okay is it true that you and Pelosi and Reid closed the door on the Health Care negotiations?” I’m sure he would have some sort of answer for that. “Okay, what have you done to compromise your stance on the issues to account for Republican ideals?” I’m sure there would be an answer for this. “There have been some statistics that say that you were the most liberal member of the Senate when you were a Senator, what did you do as a member of the Senate to reach across the aisle to set a precedent for how congressmen should reach across the aisle with a president?” I’m sure there would be answer for that. “Okay, up until the Massachusetts election, there was nothing a Republican could do to stop your legislation. Why do you blame them for the failure of your first year in office?” There would be an answer. “You’ve stated that you’re open to any ideas from those of the other side, and if they have them, they’re free to approach you with them. John Boehner and John McCain have put forth proposals. Did you avoid their numerous attempts to put their stamp on health care, or have you never received them?”

On jobs creation: “You’ve limited the discussion of jobs creation to green jobs. You’ve spent millions on jobs creation programs in this area, and it hasn’t made a dent in the unemployment rate. What would you think of minimizing government in the private sector to allow them to create industrialized jobs?” There would be an answer. “If you were to minimize government’s role in business, your claims that private industry is what is bringing down our economy—with bonuses and such—would be more credible.” An answer. “Do you believe in the private sector?” An answer. “Isn’t it true that your cabinet has the lowest percentage of people with private sector experience in the history of our republic? Isn’t it true that when you were a young man in the private sector you wrote in your book that you ‘felt like you were in enemy territory’”?

On blaming Bush: “Isn’t blaming your predecessor getting a little old? In some countries it is considered taboo to blame your predecessor, no matter what he or she did.” Answer. “What part did you play in economic downturn of ’08 as a Senator?” If he says he had no role, I would ask: “How come you didn’t take more of a role in stopping Bush’s ‘out of control’ attempts to spend money to get along with Democrats? Why didn’t you do more to reconfigure Fanny Mae and Freddie Mac? I know you were in there for a mere 150 days, but you don’t think that you had some part in the fiasco that occurred? How about the Democrat controlled Congress? I know Bush has some part of the blame, but do any of the Democrats? What are their names? How about Barney Frank, Chris Dodd, Bill Clinton?” An answer. “Even some of your most ardent supporters are starting to say that the drum beat of blaming Bush is getting old? When will this become your economy where we can credit you for the benefits and blame you for the downturns? How vital is the ‘blame Bush’ rhetoric to your presidency?”


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