Climategate: Senator Inhofe wants to asks for DOJ investigation

Russian hackers were responsible for hacking into the IPCC emails, and from what I understand Senators like Barbara Boxer are livid at the Russian hackers. You ever think, Ms. Boxer, that your anger is a little misdirected? Your lack of anger, Ms. Boxer, tells me that you knew that the ‘man made’ global warming claims of the IPCC were either exaggerated or outright false. Either that, or you are embarrassed at your complicity in quoting the IPCC from the Senate floor.

With first hand knowledge, I can tell you that Russian hackers can be a bee in a bonnet of a company or an individual, but even the worst criminals occassionally do good things. Their actions, from what I understand, were not altruistic. The Russians stand to make a great deal on oil exports in the coming years, both from their own reserves and their partnerships with Iran and various other countries. Therefore, with the world attempting to go green and leave the old fossil fuels in the ash heap of history, Russia would not be in a position to profit from the old world economy. Whether or not Putin and Russian leaders put the hackers up to it is unknown, but the hackers uncovered one of the biggest frauds perpetrated on the world. They should be congratulated for their part, however dubious, in uncovering this great fraud. There should be hearings held by the Department of Justice to, at least, investigate these claims of fraud. Holder didn’t follow through on an investigation of the black panthers, and it’s unlikely that he will investigate any matter that doesn’t fit his/their agenda in the white house.


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