Congressional Arrogance

One of the primary riffs the media and the Democrats used against George W. Bush was that he was arrogant. They said that Bush followed his agenda regardless what the polls said.

Today, Rasmussen reports that the Congressional approval ratings are 10%. 10% of the American public say that Congress is doing a good or excellent job.

71% of the American public now say that Congress is doing a poor job. This is the highest disapproval rating ever for the legislative body. It’s up 10% from last month.

Nearly half of Democratic voters (48%) now give Congress a poor rating, up 17 points since January. The vast majority of Republicans and voters not affiliated with either party also give Congress poor ratings.

Implicit in the constant denunciations of the Bush arrogance was the note that he change his policies to better reflect mainstream America’s wishes. The tables have turned as Rasmussen points out: “Americans are united. United in the belief that our political system is broken, that politicians are corrupt, and that neither major political party has the answers.”

The question is will our legislative representatives recognize their own legislative arrogance and shelve the unpopular health care legislation, step away from the environmental legislation, and attempt to represent our views in a legislative manner.

Some would say we can’t know the answers to these questions, and we must wait to see how they will proceed. To answer the question of how legislators should proceed, one of the president’s advisors informed them that they shouldn’t regard the opinions of the American public, because they are “(effen) retards.” The liberal talking heads that share the mindset of Congressional leaders, have informed us that “we don’t know what’s good for us.” They have also said: “I don’t understand why the American public would be against something that would be beneficial to them.”

It could be the case that Americans lean toward self-governance, and we’ve seen and tasted government run institutions (DMV, VA, USPS, and Canadian and Euro Health Care) and we don’t like the sample we’ve received. It could be that we would rather see private institutions run our lives, so if they screw up we have another place to go. It could be that Americans still enjoy independence and individualism, and we’re not ready to let those things go, even if it means temporary downturns that occur in a healthy economy.

If you’re one of those who still insists that the Bush arrogance superceded the Congressional (and current presidential) arrogance, then you must ask yourself how much has “changed” under the agents of change.


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