Democrat Indictments and Media Bias

One thing that I’m sure John Edwards and Charlie Rangel are thinking is Thank God I’m a Democrat. If they weren’t Democrats, imagine the headlines regarding Rangel, Edwards, David Patterson, Pete Stark, and New York Representative Eric Massa would be getting. Imagine if this group of Democrats were Marc Sanford, Trent Lott, Rudy Guliani, or Mark Foley.

Some television commentators (O’Reilly) state that: “Everyone already knows the media is biased towards Democrats.” O’Reilly may walk in insider crowds that follow politics extensively, but I don’t. Most of the people I run across in my daily life don’t see the bias, yet they know the names Sanford, Lott, and Foley well for the scandals they have experienced. They do not know the names Rangel, Massa, Patterson and Stark. They do not know that Christopher Dodd nearly mimicked perfectly the words of Lott for Strom Thrurmond when Dodd attempted to provide similar praise for former KKK grand kliegel Robert Byrd. They do not follow politics, yet they know the Lott scandal.

Aside from all the other aspects involved in the media’s responsibilities in providing it’s fourth pillar responsibilities of informing the public, the media also fails us in the arena of vetting a Democrat candidate properly.

The media also mischaracterizes and obfuscates issues. On a recent episode of Rachael Maddow, Ms. Maddow spoke about the first stimulus bill by saying that Republican representatives spoke about the evils of the stimulus bill. The report then stated that Republican representatives took money from the stimulus bill for their state. The report then stated that the Republican representatives told their district that a number of jobs had been created. The storyline that Ms. Maddow and MSNBC hope that you draw from this is that the stimulus bill has been successful, but Republicans won’t admit it even though they’ll take money from it.

My answer to this is quite simple, I have no doubt that there is some Republican hypocrisy out there on this matter and many other matters that Ms. Maddow can unearth. This doesn’t mean that Obama’s stimulus package was a good piece of legislation though. Most of those who have evaluated Obama’s stimulus package in a fair manner have admitted it was an absolute failure. They have said that while it may have created some jobs it has been a failure overall. The thrust of Ms. Maddow’s report was not an analysis of the merits of the stimulus package, but an analysis of Republican hypocrisy. The report hopes that you walk away with the idea that we’re not hearing the truth of the stimulus package, because Republicans don’t allow this information to get out. The report also asks you not to ask questions about the stimulus package and concentrate your inquiries on Republican hypocrisy. That my friends is how media bias occurs. Media bias is very rarely put on a platter and served to you cold in the manner a Dan Rather would. Rather it’s delivered with a magician’s sleight of hand.


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