Bush and WMD’s: The Big Lie

One of the most frustrating aspects of the Bush presidency for me was the fact that Bush did not take on his naysayers. The charge that Bush lied about Sadam Hussein stockpiling WMD’s, for example, was a hefty charge levelled by the liberals, and that charge went unanswered by the Bush administration. In the publicity tour for his current book, Karl Rove is now admitting that that was a huge mistake.

If Bush lied, then you also have to say that Bill Clinton, Algore, John Kerry, Hillary, Ted Kennedy and at least three different foreign intelligence agencies lied. Regardless of whether the next few paragraphs are 100% true or not, the fact remains that Hussein fooled Bush, the Democrats, and the world into believing that he stockpiled WMD’s. If you are an anti-Bush guy, you can continue to say that Bush was fooled, you can say that Bush was wrong, but you can no longer say, in good conscience, that Bush lied.

Reports I have heard state that Hussein felt a need to maintain this lie to keep Iran at bay. At the point in history where WMD’s became a major concern, Iraq just completed a 10 year war with Iran. By most accounts, there were no winners in this war. Both sides were devastated. Hussein thought up the lie to keep Iran from attacking again and presumably delivering the death blow to an already decimated Iraq. The death blow probably would left Hussein out of power in the Middle East.

Hussein’s own generals were shocked when UN inspectors didn’t find WMD’s. Let me repeat that line for the stubborn: Hussein’s own generals were shocked when UN inspectors didn’t find WMD’s. This was how pervasive his lie was.

Hussein concocted a devious plan in the UN. He developed an oil for food exchange with some of the more powerful forces in the UN (France, Germany and Russia) to get them on Saddam’s side when it came to voting on how to proceed against Iraq in the UN. He was a man desperately trying to maintain power in his country.

The thing that eats me alive is that these facts were there. Bush could’ve held a press conference and laid all these facts out. He didn’t, because he thought engaging in such battles was beneath the dignity of the office of president of the United States. The result, however, was that the media and the liberals (who stated that they all believed Hussein had WMD’s) decimated Bush’s tenure in the office. It could be argued that they, in essence, diminished the dignity of the office. Was it Bush’s belief that the office could withstand outside attacks of the current resident of the office, but it could not survive a tactful defense of it? I don’t know the answer to that question, but I can tell you that the ‘Bush lied’ attack lives on.

Say what you want about Obama, but he doesn’t consider it beneath the office to engage in gutter sniping. If Obama will attack Supreme Court Justices in a state of the union speech if they disagree with him, what else will he do to diminish the dignity of the office. He will defame Bush on foreign soil, he will apologize for his own country to foreign dignitaries. He’ll take the whole ship down to get what he wants and to defend his policies.

For those of you who still believe that Bush lied, people died mantra, I can only say that you have reached a point where you have become so disillusioned by your own side that you’re willing to believe any negative that comes out about the other side to fortify your beliefs.


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