The Dismantling of America

The first task of the left’s intelligencia in their coverage on Universal Health Care will be to diminish the damage. They will use the ‘it’s not so bad’ defense. In this line of defense, they will speak of temporary plateaus. Universal Health Care has passed, and America still stands, they will say. The Dow Jones Industrial Rate has not tumbled they will say. We may experience a little pain, in taxes, but life appears to be better overall. They will then do their best to make Universal Health Care a way of life for which we must all adapt.

They will call the opposition hysterical, and they will attempt to diminish all of their claims on this note. Their goal in this diminishment will be to get you to say: “I’m against Obamacare, but I’m not hysterical about it.” They will inform you that those who are against this policy are racists, and you don’t want to be racist do you? They will inform you that those who don’t want Obamacare hate the poor, and you don’t hate the poor do you? Those who hate Obamacare and lunatic fringe hysterical types, and you don’t want to be a lunatic fringe hysterical type do you? In doing all this, they will start the process of acceptance. Their hope is that Americans begin to feel powerless in the process, and that we begin to accept the new way of life under their umbrella.

Americans are resourceful and forgiving, and this may work against us at this point in history. Our outrage will subside over time, and we will forget the shady backroom deals, the bribery, and the intimidation that went on in our halls, and we will begin to accept all of the new costs of being an American in the Obamacare era into our business. We will adapt to the new taxation, the diminishment of our freedom, and we will survive. Those who passed this bill will count on that mentality, and they will continue.

They do not like the term liberal anymore. They prefer progressive, and this will also be appropriate, for as we become accustomed to this new way of life, they will progress with infringements on our freedom that are far more reaching. It’s our job, as citizens, to stop them. It’s our job to remind them of their Constitutional limits by booting those who violate these tenents out of office, and we’re not doing our jobs well.

Glenn Beck has done a great deal to expose the mentality behind the Health Care process and the methodology and philosophy of the Obama administration. Many have mocked his method of delivery, but few have been able to refute his facts. In an interview with Barbara Walters, Beck was asked what he wanted people to say about him 100 years from now. He said: “I hope people say that I was wrong.”

I also hope that I am wrong. I hope that, as some have said, this is just a political cycle, and the Conservative Republicans will come around and either dilute this or repeal it. I hope that my father’s generation was not the last generation that could afford to live on his own in his retirement years. I hope that my nephews are not saddled with the expense of these bills to a degree that their “American dream” is not diluted with debt. I hope that the hysterical rants of the opposition are just that politically themed hysterical rants.


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