Quieting Coulter: A Strategy of Liberalism

The Pull Quotes from the article

Canadian conservative political commentator Ezra Levant, the other speaker travelling with Coulter on the three-city tour, presented by the International Free Press Society of Canada, told the half-filled hall that no more people would be able to enter and that Coulter had been advised it would not be safe for her to appear.

In a short speech, Levant said Tuesday was “an embarrassing day for the University of Ottawa and their student body, who could not debate Ann Coulter . . . who chose to silence her through threats and intimidation, just like their vice-president did.”

Jonathan Reid, 18, a Carleton political science student and a fan of Coulter, brought a book to be signed.

“It’s a shame,” Reid said of the cancellation. “They claim we’re the intolerant ones, yet they’re the ones who refuse to allow a Conservative speaker to come to campus. That is the definition of intolerance.”

U of O political science student Faris Lehn, 23, said he doesn’t support Coulter’s message, but had hoped for a debate.

“It’s too bad she didn’t get to speak because I think she would have made herself look more ridiculous than anyone here could have made her look,” Lehn said.


This incident reminds me of a conversation I had with a liberal friend of mine. She stated that she hated what Limbaugh, Coulter, Beck and Hannity have done to the weaker minds that surround us. She gave the “I’m not talking about you” defense to try and get me to look at her complaint objectively.

“Where does your anger stem from?” I asked her. “If these people are demagogues, as you claim, are you mad that they are beating your demagogues to the weaker minds?” She claimed that her side did not have demogogues in the same league of a Limbaugh or a Beck. “So, does your anger stem from the fact that you can’t defeat them in ratings or on substance?” She claimed that her side had no problem defeating the Limbaugh types on substance.

“Then why doesn’t your side just defeat them?” I asked. “Why doesn’t your side refute them on a fact by fact basis. As opposed to the superficial mockery that so many in your side engages in?” She gave a pained look that suggested that she didn’t have an answer to that. I realized that I was being a bit harsh with her. “If these people are such fools,” I said. “Why don’t you all (liberals) back away and let them expose themselves as the fools they are? Why do you always have to put forth your opinions on their physical flaws? Why do you always have to attempt to diminish them with generalities as opposed to refuting each of their issues on a case by case basis?”


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