A Collection of Thoughts

I don’t talk about the stock market too often, but when I do I usually receive blank stares. Some are embarrassed by the fact that they know nothing of the stock market, so they lean on crutches. One of my favorite crutches is the doomsday prediction of the eventual collapse of the market. I have found that it is easier to tell people that you’re not going to compete within a system, such as the stock market, because that system is either corrupt or near collapse. This provocative statement usually prevents the listener from questioning why the doomsday predictor never got into the market in the first place.

Negative knowledge is better than no knowledge at all. If you have no knowledge of a given subject, and you cannot defeat the debater in front of you on the issues, go negative. Use negative knowledge, in other words, to overshadow your lack of knowledge. If you run into someone who is more knowledgeable than you, accuse them of believing what they want you to believe. This is an excellent way to defeat someone who has more “traditional” knowledge than you.

If you’re called out on these negative ideas, remember that just because something is negative doesn’t mean it’s true. On that note: Very few, if any, people believe that they are pessimists.

Some people complain that they have no choice in life. Some people work a job that they hate, because they have no choice. Some people hate their kids, their house, and their neighbors, but what can they do? They have no choice. For the most part, this is a fallacy they lean on to explain why they are not doing what they want to do in life. If it is true that they have no choice in the present, the only reason they have no choice now is due to the decisions they’ve made in the past.

Many of those who scoff at the tenets of religion do so in the manner of a smug elitist. It’s been my experience that those who find the belief in God to be infantile engage in the most infantile beliefs. They don’t believe in a “grand wizard in the sky” yet they believe that little green men float down to give hicks words of advice (almost always liberal) on how we are screwing things up on Earth. I’m still waiting to hear objective analysis from one of these far superior beings that details for Earthlings that the U.S. Constitution is the envy of the universe, that industry and wealth have proven to be greater for the environment than third world, primative conditions. Aliens, it seems, have a non-objective, ideological view of how we should run things on Earth. They appear to believe that the Thailand economic model is far a superior model to that of the U.S. or Great Britian model. Who are we to argue though, as it has been empirically proven that we are vastly inferior in intellect.

The non-religious don’t believe in the Biblical grand design of all things, yet they believe in numerology, astrology, the tenants of the Wiccan belief system, and naturalism. It turns hilarious when they scoff at the religious for their simple minds and their susceptibility to belief through faith.

Why do they believe in all things natural? Why do most atheists and agnostics simply believe in nothing as an alternative? The answer, say some neurological studies, is in the brain. The brain is wired for belief in something. If we don’t believe in God, or the religious tenets that support His statements, laws and philosophies, we have an organic hole in our heads that needs filling. Our brains need belief, they say, in much the same manner that the stomach needs food or the heart needs blood (i.e. those who don’t believe in God will believe in anything).

In the movies we are led to believe that children are the fonts of infinite wisdom. This notion has carried over to the real world as many “wonderful” people claim that children are far superior to adults in their ways of thinking. Don’t believe this? Ask a number of anonymous people in your own walks of life. You’ll probably receive a minority of people who think this way, but the minority will be shockingly large. If it is the case that children are vastly superior in their ways of thinking, what do these children do when they grow up? Do they cycle back to their children for answers in life? Are we supposed to accept that it’s just that particular child (in the movie) who is exceedingly intelligent, or are we supposed to accept that all children are more intelligent than adults? I know I’m supposed to accept the fact that children aren’t caught up in the rat race of life, and they see things a little clearer than we do. I know I’m supposed to accept the fact that they’re tuned into matters that I am not, but every kid I know is just as dumb as every kid I knew when I was a kid.

There are peaceful, good men in this world who love their family and friends. There are also evil men who seek to subjugate their fellow man to their ideal and their totalitarian form of government. As long as there are these evil men in this world and good men who are willing to sacrifice themselves to save the weak, there will be wars. Here’s to hoping that these good men will continue to sacrifice themselves for an ideal and for the weak, rather than sacrifice the lives and freedom of others for the theoretical ideal of peace that doesn’t hinder those of an evil nature.


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