Health Care Takeover and the Theoretical

A friend of mine is a very good editor. I asked him to edit my novel, and he went through it line by line and told me what he thought was wrong with it. The review was exhaustive. His primary criticism involved the potential offensiveness of my novel. Every other page, it seemed, had some line that could offend one group or another. I appreciated my friend’s exhaustive review, but I kept thinking about how horrible it must be to be in this man’s head. My friend is an office worker, and he brings the HR/Politically Correct mentality to everything he does in life. He did his best to see to it that my novel was entertaining while inoffensive. He had his idea of what my novel should be, and I had mine. His idea was that of a theoretical critic’s, and mine was of an artist seeking what I considered artistic purity in the novel’s form. The difference between us is equivalent to the differences between any editor and writer; between a critic and an artist; and the difference between one who wants to achieve something and one who does. My friend is a very good editor, but he could never write a novel. He would get too boxed in with his HR/Politically Correct mentality.
The government takeover of the health care industry is strikingly similar to the differences between my friend and me. Here we have a bunch of politicians that act like critics, editors, and people who wish they could have done something with their lives versus those who already have. Like my friend with the novel, most of these politicians don’t know the first thing about the health care industry. They just know that it’s not run in a manner they deem to be correct. Most of them don’t know the first thing about running a business, but they are now going to tell others how to run theirs. Throughout the years, these politicians have already made editorial suggestions (see laws) to change the health care industry, and the HC industry has abided by all these calls for change (see laws) in their industry. When the changes these politicians implemented made things worse, the politicians stepped in to try and make the industry better by passing more laws about something for which they have no knowledge, until they decided to take it over with the idea that they can run it better. This is the equivalent of my editor friend making continual suggestions to my novel until it’s stripped of everything that made it enjoyable for me to write. The natural result of my novel being stripped of everything that made it enjoyable to write would be that it would not be enjoyable to read. If my editor friend acted in the manner the politicians have acted with the HC industry, he would then take the novel over and write it himself.


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