Post 100

My century mark has arrived. When I first started writing, I set out to prove to the world how smart I was. Plus, I needed an outlet. I am a fiction writer. I have a desire, an artistic need to create. I’ve always been this way, even before I sat down and began creating. My friends told me this. They said that there was a part of me that seemed so restless and angst ridden, until I began creating. I have a right brain that needs to be fed, but I also have a left side that finds science and math and politics and facts fascinating. In the beginning, I combined the two. I would have my main characters think about the politics of the day. I would have arguments among my characters. I wanted people to know that I was smart and creative, but I also had a need to prove to myself that I was.

Previous to discovering my outlets, my friends were required to hear everything that was on my mind, and I’m quite sure they got sick of it. I’m quite sure that they got sick of everything that my left and right brain had to spill. They were my outlets at that point though, and they stuck by me. Now that I have this site and my fiction, even if no one ever reads them, I have outlets now. I no longer feel the overwhelming need to lay my guts on the table for friends and family to know what I think about everything creative and factual. I’m quite sure that this has made me much more enjoyable to be around.
From the perspective of one who writes and creates and espouses political viewpoints, and from the perspective of one who has learned how to compartmentalize it all, I now watch movies and read books. I see these creative types ticking off their political views in movies and books. They’re sneaky. I was sneaky. I found ways, before I learned to separate my fiction from my non-fiction, of telling my people that I was one of them. I also used a subtle hand when trying to coerce people to my way of thinking. It hurt my fiction. It bogged my fiction down. It bogs their fiction down, but they still do it, because they feel a need to convince their friends that they’re one of them and that they’re smart, and they feel a need to convince you that they’re right. Friends of mine tell me that I see things that aren’t there in movies. I ask them how they cannot see it. Friends of mine can’t believe I see little political nuggets in every movie and story, and the thing I say is why do these creative types feel a need to put it in every movie? Maybe it’s the storyteller in me, but I can lift up the rocks and find the little worms that are hiding in just about every movie, book and song.


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