But is it Generally True?

A show to show shoot out occurred between the John Stewart show and the O’Reilly Factor. On Jon Stewart’s show, Stewart played clips from Bernard Goldberg and Bill O’Reilly making generalizations about what liberals believe. Stewart then played clips with O’Reilly and Goldberg arguing that the liberal news networks were generalizing about Tea Party members based on the actions of a few. Stewart then ended the segment with an astute, intellectual response: “(Expletive) you!”

What is a generality? It is something that you find to be true 51% of the time. If Stewart and the liberal media find those who attend Tea Party Conventions to be ignorant yokels from the heartland of America, then I can’t argue with that unless they haven’t experienced a Tea Party first hand. If their depiction is a result of the echo chamber reports from the media regarding the stupidity among Tea Party members, I can argue that point because I’ve been there. I’ve spoken with members of the Tea Party, and I have found them to be generally lucid and well informed on the workings of the government and its constraints as designed by The Constitution.

I’ve also had firsthand experience with liberals in my daily life and in the media. I’ve found it to be generally true that liberals are “wonderful” people. Liberals tend to believe what they are more educated and open-minded than your average person. I’ve found some that are more educated, but I have generally found that they believe what they believe because it makes them feel more educated and open-minded than the average person. It makes them feel more wonderful to use hip terminology when a black person is around them. It makes them feel more wonderful to let you know that they are 1/100,000ths Cherokee. Liberals generally believe speech codes are a good thing, because it helps us all get along. Wearing ribbons or wristbands or decals that state that they made a charitable contribution of some sort makes them feel more wonderful. There’s nothing wrong with donating to charity, of course, but liberals generally seem more concerned with the publicity of donating rather than the charity of it. Wonderful people (i.e. liberals) are generally more concerned with being perceived as more wonderful than they are in doing wonderful things. It makes them feel more wonderful to think that there are no simple truths to the problems experienced around the world. It makes them feel more wonderful to state that you are wrong in your small minded solutions, but they generally take a contrarian stance to everything you propose. They rarely have an alternative solution, for it has always been enough for them to recognize the depth of the problem.

I have found that it is generally true that liberals are soft on defense. Liberals, for example, generally believe that terrorists are people too, and that they should be dealt with in a more civil manner. As Rosie O’Donnell once said, “terrorists have children too.” That’s true, and they strap bombs on them. Liberals, as a general rule, believe that America is an imperialist country that wants to reshape other countries in our image. Liberals generally do not see America as a noble nation that has attempted to do good things in the world on the whole. As a general rule, liberals believe that Middle Eastern countries don’t want capitalism and freedom. I bought into this notion at one time, because it seemed reasonable to me to believe that they preferred the theocratic forms of government that squelched freedom, until it was pointed out to me that almost every individual human being desires freedom. Their definition of freedom maybe different than mine, but the universal desire for freedom is a human one. It’s racist and condescending to believe otherwise. But Liberals generally believe that they are more attuned to cultural vagaries than conservatives or the unwashed Americans.

Liberals fight generalities to such a degree that they won’t admit they’re liberals. When I inform liberals that I believe there is some degree of categorical thinking that goes on in every human’s mind, they inform me that they have no political ties, and that they are just free thinkers, and they ask people like me why I feel a need to put people in a box (i.e. to generalize). Then they’ll send me a link to a Wall Street Journal story to show me that they read both sides.

Liberals generally believe that most Americans are stupid, and they generally believe that most Republicans are moronic. If the latter isn’t true, why have they characterized every president since Eisenhower as stupid? All right, they took a break with George H.W. Bush, but they chose to pick on his vice-president to keep the myth alive. If you ever want to see a liberal’s eyes pop wide ask them which president is the only president to achieve a master’s degree in business administration. The answer: George W. Bush. Bush achieved a master’s in business administration from Harvard. His undergraduate grades, at Yale, were also higher than Algore’s and John Kerry’s, yet the media tried to portray him as the moron in those respective elections.

As a general rule, liberals believe that the government can do better with your money than you can. Again, you’re too stupid. Anyone who knows anything about the numbers knows that when taxes are cut, Americans donate more of their money to charity. Liberals would prefer that the government do this for them. They would also prefer that the government do this for you too, because you’re too stupid to do the right thing with the money.

If you’re a liberal, and you’re reading this, I’m sure that you believe that you don’t fit these stereotypes and generalizations. If you are an exception to the rule, then you are just that, but the generalization still holds true. Liberals don’t approve of generalizations because generalizations define their beliefs through their actions, and they try to defeat the stereotype with their Aunt Harriet who is a liberal, and she doesn’t ascribe to any of those beliefs. They have no problem, however, with the generalizations regarding Tea Party members or conservatives. In other words, if you don’t want people to generalize then you shouldn’t generalize.


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