Mayor Bloomberg slams Arizona’s anti-immigrant law: ‘We are committing national suicide’
Bloomberg: “This is not good for the country. I don’t agree with it. We love immigrants here.” The Mayor says of Arizona’s refreshing, new anti-illegal-immigrant law,
–I agree with Bloomberg on this note. All of the immigrants I have met in my daily life, love this country as much if not more than natural born citizens. As with most proponents of amnesty for illegal immigrants, however, Bloomberg forgets to preface immigrant with the word illegal in his statement.–
Bloomberg: “We don’t have doctors, and we’re not allowing people who want to come here and be doctors to come here. This is just craziness.”

–One of the reasons that we (the U.S.) are running out of doctors is the constraints we’re putting on our medical industry. When one couples the idea that it takes twelve years to become a doctor with the caps on payments the government places on Medicare and Medicaid it becomes less attractive for a brilliant, young 18 year old to pursue a medical degree. When one adds in the exorbitant costs of Malpractice insurance to attempt to fight unnecessary litigation that the government will not cap or reform in any way one shouldn’t wonder why the profession of doctor is becoming less and less attractive in the U.S. When one considers that the government is fighting all the wrong battles in attempting to get control of medical costs one shouldn’t wonder why the dearth of doctors is occurring in our country.–
Bloomberg: “People are developing new drugs in India, rather than here. They’re going to win the next Nobel Prize in China or in Europe, not here. If we want to have a future, we need to have more immigrants here.”
–If we are truly worried about new drugs being developed in other countries, perhaps we should look at the constraints the FDA places on the research and development departments of the pharmaceutical industry. Perhaps the government could lighten the legislation against the pharmaceutical industry, as lists the New Drug Approval Process of the FDA: “It takes on average 12 years and over US$350 million to get a new drug from the laboratory onto the pharmacy shelf. Once a company develops a drug, it undergoes around three and a half years of laboratory testing, before an application is made to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to begin testing the drug in humans. Only one in 1000 of the compounds that enter laboratory testing will ever make it to human testing.”
John Stossel had a compelling argument for non-FDA approved drugs. He said that each individual citizen could opt out of the FDA approved drugs by signing a waiver of some sort. The waiver could say something like: “I (fill in the blank) fully understand that this drug is not fully tested by the FDA, and I will not hold anyone liable for the ramifications that could result from taking this experimental drug.”
Mayor Bloomberg doesn’t consider less government intrusion into the medical industry a viable option. He doesn’t believe that if you take government bureaucracy out of people’s lives that they could flourish. He would rather see if illegal immigrants can improve our medical industry and our free enterprise. As with most politicians, it is Bloomberg’s idea that we can solve this problem– caused by burdensome government intrusion–with government legislation.
Another question Bloomberg does not address is who these illegal immigrants are. Bloomberg insintuates that we are keeping the next Bill Gates or Steve Jobs undocumented in our country and thereby inhibiting their path to success. That idea doesn’t make sense on so many fronts. Why would a successful individual want to leave a country in which he is prospering? Or, on the other side of the coin wouldn’t the mother country of this individual do everything they can to try and keep this properous individual? If one listens to the reports from Arizona, previous to the recent anti-illegal-immigrant law that was passed, you hear reports of citizens who were afraid to travel too far from their own home for fear of break-ins. You hear reports of crime gone wild within the state. You hear reports of a state that was so out of control that when the Governor signed the anti-illegal-immigrant law her approval rating went up sixteen points. So if one were to listen to these reports, one would have to ask who these people are that Mayor Bloomberg says will save our country?–


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