Karmic offsets for those that treat women like objects

Men have made great efforts throughout time to please women.  Our mothers have informed us that the way we treat women defines our character.  As a result, we bend over backwards to open a door for a lady, give up our seats for a woman on a bus, and change the way we speak when a lady is around.

The modern feminist informs us that most of these courtesies are outmoded and a little sexist in some regard. While I’m sure that the modern feminist movement has nothing but the best intentions, they have caused a great deal of confusion among men as to how we’re supposed to react to the other gender.

I’m not talking about the classic feminist here. The classic feminist is a strong individual who happens to be female. The classic feminist will pave her own way in the world, and she will mow over any that stand in her way. The classic feminist sees the mistreatment from males as another hurdle in life that needs to be conquered. The classic feminist usually deals with each and every transgression from a male on a one on one basis, and she usually does this forcefully and effectively from a position of strength.

The modern feminist is the victim that many confuse with the classic feminist. The modern feminist, a product of the Bella Abzug/Gloria Steinem school of thought, believes that men are the reason that women have not prospered in our society in the manner that they think they should’ve. The modern feminist is the cause of much of the confusion that has arisen among the genders.  They teach us that we should treat women as individuals, nothing more and nothing less.

It could be said that women are the backbone of any society.  It could be said that a society can define itself by how it treats its women.  If that’s true, what would it say about a society that treated its women no different than its men?  If we don’t speak in a different manner when women are around, what does it say about our character?  If we are to address them in the formal, as Ms., and we are not to open doors for them in a manner we wouldn’t for a male, what does this say about us?  What does it say about them, the modern feminist, that they concoct so many rules of decorum that most men are unsure how to react to a woman on a case by case basis.  Do they enjoy this confusion, because it gives them even more power in a given situation, and if that’s the case what’s the long term fall out for all this confusion?

While I do not profess to know how to bring an end to this confusion, I think that we should do something to help everyone feel better about the situation. One of the biggest complaints of the modern feminist is that men/society objectify women. In an effort to appear more understanding, I propose that we begin treating objects like women. The modern feminist movement should be grateful for our symbolic attempts to reverse the idea of objectification of women. It could be considered a karmic offset for all the men who are confused as to how they should act around women, and even for the men who occasionally objectify women. We could charge people who wanted a karmic offset in this manner. Most people would feel foolish treating objects as women, especially in public, so I would like to volunteer my services to any and all who seek to feel better about this situation without really doing anything about it.


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