Liberal Answers to Problems (aka my frustration w/politics)

Liberals are fully capable of stating that solutions are wrong, but they never offer alternatives.

“They’re going to do it anyway,” liberals say when the question of teen sex is brought forth. “Teaching abstinence won’t work.” Their solutions: Give them condoms. Teach them how to put a condom on a cucumber. Teach sex-ed in second grade.

“They’re going to do it anyway,” liberals say when the question of drug use is brought forth. “Nancy Reagan’s ‘just say no’ campaign was a miserable failure. One can’t just say no,” they say with laughter. How do we solve this then? Liberals say, ‘you have to curb the demand.’ How do you do that if a ‘just say no’ campaign is a laughable distaster.

“They’re going to cross the border anyway,” liberals say when talk about walls and national guard on the border is brought up to try and stop illegal immigrants from crossing the border. “You build a ten foot wall, and I’ll show you an eleven foot ladder.” What’s the solution: “Comprehensive reform.” We tried ‘comprehensive reform’ in the 80’s, and it included general amnesty for 3,000 illegals. It has landed us in the situation we are in today. Republicans have stated that there should be no talk of ‘comprehensive reform’ (code word for amnesty) unless there is a sizable effort made to secure the border.

Some of the most effective tactics of the left are to loudly reject, mock and utterly dismiss solutions. Then they go to the source of the solution and they mock, reject and utterly dismiss the messenger. I see a lot of the solution slammers on cable talk shows, and I rarely see anyone call them out. I rarely see someone say: “Well, what would you do? What is your solution?” On that rare occasion that a liberal does provide a pseudo solution, there is very little follow up.

As a solutions oriented person, I like FDR’s methodology (even if I didn’t care for the outcomes of his philosophies) “if one solution doesn’t work, try another.” Don’t sit around and complain and say what can’t be done. Do something. If your goal is to be a problem solver why do you care who thought of it first? It’s the worst aspect of politics, and most media people allow it to go on to allow their preferred politicians off the hook when they do not propose a solution. The media and the masses need to put an end to this. Don’t tell us what market testing allows, search for solutions.


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