BP Oil Spill and the Liberal Belief in Government

The most interesting aspect of the BP oil spill is that liberals are more disappointed, and in some cases angrier, at Obama than conservatives. Conservatives generally believe that there is little to nothing that a president can do about a catastrophe. Liberals, in general, are disillusioned.

When the terrorist incident occurred on 9/11/01, there were a number of liberal commentators who lamented the idea that Bill Clinton was not in office to handle it. Some of them stated that Clinton could’ve handled this situation better. They were afraid that a “poorly educated” hick from Texas, with an ‘R’ listed behind his name, and a Harvard M.B.A., couldn’t handle a national travesty such as 9/11. Witness Katrina. Bush couldn’t handle Katrina could he? He was a bumbling, fumbling igit from Texas, and it showed. Didn’t it? Or did he do it on purpose? Was it, as the esteemed intellectuals Kanye West and Spike Lee purported, a purposeful event enacted by a president that hates black people? Most intelligent people didn’t believe this idiocy, but I’m sure they were scared. I’m sure these people were afraid that a “poorly educated” hick from Texas, listed with an ‘R’ behind his name, and a Harvard M.B.A. couldn’t handle a national travesty such as Katrina. If only one of their guys could be in office, during such a tragedy, they could put a spike between the parties and define the temerity and resolve of their people in a manner that would have people voting Democrat for generations. They could prove the power of government in the lives of the people once and for all. The question is does such a savior exist?
(Queue the entrance of Barack Obama.)
Liberals believe in the infinite power of government. Conservatives don’t. Conservatives recognize that Obama can do as little about the BP oil spill as Bush could’ve done about Katrina. Obama tried to display his ability in Louisiana by examining the damage on the coast line in long sleeves and khakis. His purpose in doing this was to give the American public photographic evidence that he cared, that he was in charge, and that he was on the job. Yet, Bush did the exact same thing in Louisiana, in long sleeves and khakis.
Obama has shattered some of the fundamental beliefs of the power of government for liberals. They’re devastated to learn that there’s only so much a government official, even a savior, can do. I know Obama stated that his very presence in office would lower the sea levels and part the skies, and I know liberals believed this. Conservatives didn’t, and conservatives won’t hold him accountable for breaking that campaign promise. The question is how devastated are these people that are discovering that Obama, and the federal government, can’t do everything? Most people understand that he’s just a man, you say. Well, they were crying and fainting at his speeches. They stated that they believed that one man could fundamentally change the world. They also believed that they would get rich on “Obama money.”

Obama stated that “we are the ones we’ve been waiting for.” What were they waiting for? Were they waiting for someone to finally come along and prove that a well-spoken, well educated liberal could lower the seas and part the skies? Were they waiting for someone who traveled in educated circles to prove that with the right steward at the helm we could bring America near the stage of nirvana Karl Marx theorized about? Are the Obamas the ones liberals have been waiting for, and if they are will liberals become disillusioned about the power and scope of government in lieu of this tragedy, or will they just vote for another Democrat in the 2012 primary?

Imagine that long ago day when your first love broke your heart. You believed in that person to a degree that you thought they could do no wrong. Emotions overrode rational sense, and the lessons your parents tried to teach you about people, to such a degree that you were devastated when the heathen pulled the rug out from under you. Everything you believed in in life was shattered. I wonder how devastated these people are to learn that Obama is just a man, that he’s a typical politician who “doesn’t let a good tragedy go to waste,” as his chief of staff said.

Obama promised this kind of hope, he elicited this kind of emotional belief, and he attained it with fiery toned histrionics. Liberals mock Americans that devote themselves to God through religion, yet they display these same characteristics when they worship their politicians with unwavering emotional belief. Their belief is being challenged in the wake of this BP oil spill in the same manner a person of religion has his belief in God questioned when they experience dramatic and disappointing loss in their lives. The question is will liberals become agnostic in their belief in government (i.e. rational when it comes to the power and scope of government) or will they just choose someone else in the 2012 Democrat primary?


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