NAACP considers charge of racism against the Tea Party

Whether or not the NAACP votes on the resolution to call the Tea Party a bunch of racists, the damage has been done with the notification that they plan to consider them racists. The cable news networks have run the scroll for a full cycle thus far.

What is a racist? A racist, as defined by libertarians, is a person who generally feels inferior. A racist is usually someone who is angry about the way their life has progressed. A racist is usually someone who lacks identification, or at least the identification they sought in life, so they choose to be a member of a group. ‘My life may be bad,’ is the general sentiment of the racist individual, ‘but at least I’m no (fill in the blank)!” That blank can be filled with general hatred if the individual is mad at the world, or it can be directed at a specific group if the racist individual convinces themselves that an individual race is the reason they are being held back in life.

The Tea Party movement is composed of a group of people who believe that the fundamental ideals of this country are being trampled upon. The foundation of the Tea Party movement did not begin as a movement against Barack Obama, no matter what the NAACP, the Obama administration and the media try to tell you. The foundation/the frustration of Tea Party members began with George W. Bush, but Obama has one-upped the actions of George W. Bush, and the Tea Party has one-upped its reaction to government as a result.

What is a race-baiter. A race-baiter is someone who uses race, and a general charge of racism, to further an agenda. A race-baiter is someone who accuses another of racial injustice when it is otherwise deemed to be unfounded. The charge of racism is easy to level and difficult to disprove. It can be a powerful weapon when placed in the wrong hands. In the ABC News article quoted below, the Tea Party has been accused of racism.

Tea Party members have used “racial epithets,” have verbally abused black members of Congress and threatened them, and protestors have engaged in “explicitly racist behavior” and “displayed signs and posters intended to degrade people of color generally and President Barack Obama specifically,” according to the proposed resolution.


Have Tea Party members used racial epithets, perhaps, but here’s where the attempt at disproving a negative charge such as “racist” becomes impossible. It’s impossible for a John Smith in Connecticut to prove that all the Tea Party Tom and Mary Smiths from New York to California haven’t engaged in some form of racism. The movement is too large. The question is, are there more racists in the Tea Party than there are in the NAACP? Are there more racists in the Tea Party than there are in the National Badminton Coalition? Have any member of the NAACP, or the Badminton Coalition ever used racial epithets, perhaps. Such comparative analysis doesn’t matter to a race-baiter, however, for if only one Tea Party member used a racial epithet, that would be enough to level a charge of racism at the group. The intent is to belittle the Tea Party movement. It is not intended to prove a charge of racism beyond a reasonable doubt.

Many have tried to belittle the Tea Party movement since its inception. They’ve tried using blatant sexual innuendo; they’ve tried interviewing Tea Party members until they found one that sounded unintelligent enough to air; they’ve talked about infiltrating Tea Party meetings to make them appear stupid, but the only thing that they think sticks is the charge of racism. It’s as impossible to prove as it is disprove, but when the charge of racism is leveled you’re guilty until proven innocent, and no one is ever found innocent.

There have been Tea Party signs created to degrade and denigrate President Barack Obama, there is no doubt about that, but he is not a god or a king, and with Presidents of the United States we must all be prepared for individual citizens to make up signs that denigrate them regardless of what race they are. The signs were directed at him generally, not people of color.

The Tea Party movement is not concerned with race. The Tea Party is focused on the reckless behavior of our representatives. It is focused on condemnation of spending measures, and on certain acts committed by Republicans and Democrats that Tea Party members view as unconstitutional.

We’ve also seen Tea Party members proclaim that they are being taxed without representation of their views. This is, of course, the reason that they decided to call themselves the Tea Party, as a memorial to the Sam Adams led Tea Party against King George of Britain for what the Colonialists viewed as unfair taxes on Tea without proper representation in Britain.

The current administration has found that they cannot refute the claims made by the current Tea Party movement, or if they can they haven’t tried. If they choose to call Tea Party members racist rather than refute and defeat the Tea Party movement could it be said that the current administration believes charging another with racism is more effective than refuting and defeating them? If that’s the case, loyal followers of the current administration have to ask themselves what the administration thinks of them, for this is politics as usual.

Politics, to paraphrase the cliché, is a lot like sausage making. If one wants to engage in the political process, in any way, they had better have a strong stomach. One would hope that all politicians would engage in toe to toe battle to see who the better man is, but the “politics as usual” crowd insists upon these gutless, guerrilla warfare tactics to test the waters and see if they can bring their opponents down a notch without anyone noticing that they’ve fired a shot.


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