Glenn Beck reveals he may be going blind

Fox News host Glenn Beck says he may be going blind because of macular dystrophy that prevents him from focusing his eyes.

Beck made his tearful disclosure during a passionate speech at his “American Revival” meeting in Salt Lake City on Saturday.


Get ready for the nasty liberals to leap on this story. I can already see the Huffington Post and Daily KOS replies that surround the theme that bad things happen to bad people in the manner they did when Limbaugh had what many considered a heart attack, when Cheney had heart attacks, when Limbaugh had his drug addiction problems, and when Tony Snow died. When Bill Clinton had a heart attack I don’t recall one right wing blogger, or reply to a blog, wishing ill will for the man. I’m sure it happened, as there are miserable people in every walk of life, but it didn’t happen with near the ferociousness or volume with which the nasty faction of liberals leapt on it.

I fully understand that there are good liberals out there. I’ve met many of them, but I’ve also met some mean-spirited ones. I’ve met good conservatives out in the world, and I’ve met the mean-spirited ones. Liberals, such as those in the NAACP, will put out calls on conservatives to oust their bad members, but there is rarely such a call for liberals to oust their bad members. Their bad members, they say, are simply engaging in righteous indignation. The conservative bad members, they say, are racist, bigoted, homophobes that are more characteristic of the conservative movement than any conservative cares to admit. When something awful happens to a conservative, however, the jackals of the liberal movement come out from beneath their rocks and reveal themselves for who they are, and you don’t hear a peep of condemnation for their actions.

The question is how do they get away with this? How can an independent, third party listener come to these conclusions? It’s years of movies, years of main stream media, years of propaganda in schools, and years of music that has led to conditioning that has led liberals to believe they can wish blindness on Glenn Beck, death to Rush Limbaugh and Dick Cheney and Tony Snow. Death to infidels! It’s just righteous indignation. What are you getting so worked up about?


2 thoughts on “Glenn Beck reveals he may be going blind

  1. I completely agree that there are both good and bad people in this world, but I would take issuse with breaking them down into political catagories, even when discussing politics. People are more than that, and it cheapens us to wear labels; makes it easier to rule out an opinion before you hear it based on a “guilty by association” mind set.
    I have never been a big fan of Mr. Beck, I may have even (on occasion) slandered his name, but I certainly don’t wish him blindness! I don’t wish ill on anyone, as much as Rush Limbaugh, Glenn Beck, and other pundits may get under my skin I enjoy them. In so far as they are an opinion that is not mine, and I firmly believe that constructive (<–important word, lol) debate is vital to our collective growth as a species.
    To answer your question- they get away with it the same way that Rush got away with condeming the president for a paper he never wrote back in '08, the same way Bill O'reily got away with condoning the murder of Scott Roeder, c'mon now! At the end of the day we have to realize that these people (on both sides) are merely bullshitters, and fast-talkers with no other real skills pitching their respective angle's to us without consideration for the consequences of their words.
    It's up to us as sentient beings to make decisions based on how they affect us as a people not as republicans or democrats. People like Rush, or Beck, or Keith Olberman are good for a view of either extreme but absolutely not the status quo. They can't be.
    Add also that I really enjoyed reading your blog.


  2. I’ve heard many people say that it is their desire that we do away with these labels, because it will provide a degree of harmony among people that the current “partisanship” thwarts. Labels are labels for a reason. There is a philosopshical divide in the aisle as to how things should get done. I understand your “guilt by association” comment, and I have written about that myself. When I hear someone with a ‘D’ behind their name comment, my defenses are up. I suffer from the “other guys” are wrong as much as anyone, but I could listen to an unlabeled person speak about an issue and disagree with them as vehemently as a labeled person. We could do away with the ‘R’s and the ‘D’s behind names, but we would have to come up with some kind of designation such as blue and red, or the Hatfields and the McCoys. We could even do away with classifications and labels all together, as smallers locales will do, but people would begin developing their own stratifications and labels for the various candidates before them. There is just a philosophical divide.

    As for your responses regarding how they get away with it. I was speaking more of more intimate political discussions that occur at water coolers and such, but since you bring larger names to the fray, I must say that someone like Olberman or Bill Maher get away with far more provocative and even mean-spirited comments than those by a Rush, a Beck or a O’Reilly. I submit to you that Rush’s fans and O’Reilly’s fans, and Beck’s fans hold them to a higher standard than Bill Maher’s fans do. In other words, conservatives, in general, police their own far better than liberals do.

    As for your comment that Rush and Olberman are good for a view of either extreme, I completely agree. I also agree that they are not good examples of the status quo, but as you said it’s all good for the collective growth of the species. In other words, when we hear the extremes of both sides, we tend to land somewhere in the middle of idea. I appreciate your compliment at the end of the blog, and I return the compliment as constructive criticism is so much more valuable to we posters than bombastic hyperbole that gets us nowhere.


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