Nebraska and Florida consider illegal immigration laws

Even with the threat of lawsuits from the Obama administration, the ACLU, and others, in some states the will of the people still means something. Even with Hollywood stars, musicians and high school students threatening boycotts of a state, strong-minded statesman will step forward and do what’s right. Even with media pressure at an all-time high, some state representatives will step forward and show resolve and temerity to honor their job as representatives of their people and abide by their wishes regardless of the defamatory consequences.

As liberals have known for generations, just because one judge rules against you, you don’t pack up your bags and go home. You stick around, change the playing field if necessary, and fight on.

“The court battles surrounding Arizona’s immigration law shouldn’t necessarily stop Nebraska from passing a similar law,” Gov. Dave Heineman said Wednesday. “Legal issues have to be considered on any proposal,” he said. “But the threat of a lawsuit should not keep the state from passing needed laws. If it’s a bill that has principles that you believe in, that you ought to move forward on, then we’ll proceed,” Heineman said.

However, the governor stopped short of saying whether he will push for an Arizona-style law in Nebraska. Heineman said he has had “informal and casual” conversations with Attorney General Jon Bruning, State Sen. Charlie Janssen of Fremont and others about the Arizona law and how it might relate to Nebraska. He said he has reached no decision, noting that five months remain before the Legislature reconvenes. Janssen said he plans to introduce an Arizona-type bill next year. He said a federal judge’s recent ruling blocking key provisions of the Arizona law bears watching but “doesn’t change my game plan.”

“You want to put something forward that will pass the judicial muster, if possible, and sometimes you challenge the judicial muster and see if you can get a ruling in your favor,” he said.

Florida Attorney General Bill McCollum on Wednesday proposed tougher curbs against illegal migrants in his melting-pot state which he said would go “one step further” than a similar contested Arizona law.

The proposal by McCollum, who is lagging in a race to become the Republican candidate for governor, was certain to thrust Florida into the heated immigration debate that is a major issue ahead of November 2 midterm Congressional elections.

“This legislation will provide new enforcement tools for protecting our citizens and will help our state fight the ongoing problem created by illegal immigration,” McCollum said, presenting the proposed measures at an event in Orlando.
“Florida will not be a sanctuary state for illegal aliens,” added McCollum, accompanied by Representative Will Snyder.

The Florida legislation will require law enforcement officials to check a suspected illegal immigrant’s status in the course of a stop, or a violation of another law. This goes beyond the existing situation in the state where officers are allowed to check immigration status, but not required to.



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