Democrats, the Cordoba House at Ground Zero and the American public

Democrats face an unforgiving political landscape 11 weeks before midterm elections, with high unemployment, ethics charges against two senior House Democrats and Obama’s low approval ratings taking a toll. The president injected another issue to the mix when he said last Friday that Muslims “have the same right to practice their religion as everyone else in this country” and that included building the Islamic center in lower Manhattan.

“I mean, it seems to me those are issues related to local zoning laws and so forth, and that’s a decision that they’re going to have to make, but I don’t see the federal government having any role in that,” Kratovil said.

While this may be true, a president is allowed to make a general statement about the nature of the structure. A president and a first term Congressional Democrat, such as Frank Kratovil, are allowed to make general statements about the idea of building a Mosque at Ground Zero.

Of course, it is legal to build such a structure, but is it right? Is it conducive to Muslim/American relations to have what some consider an exclamation point at Ground Zero?

It’s also important to note that President Obama initiated this discussion. Republicans are reacting to what the president said.

“I’m surprised at the way politics is being played in 2010,” Sharif El-Gamal told
NY-1. “There are issues that are affecting our country which are real issues — unemployment, poverty, the economy. It’s a really sad day for America.”

Who’s better at gotcha politics, the Democrats or the Republicans? There are other issues affecting Americans, but this is another one. This issue, as a matter of fact, trumps unemployment, poverty, and the economy. Anyone who suggests it is not an issue is trying to divert and obfuscate. This is one that affects survivors of 9/11, survivors’ families, and the rest of America that watched the video of the attack and felt an overwhelming sense of vulnerability.

Senator Barbara Boxer, said it was an issue for New Yorkers.
New York may have been the location of one of the attacks, but those who were affected by the viciousness of the attack stretch from Boxer’s district in California to districts in Maine, Florida and Oregon. Plus, we had attacks on the Pentagon and most likely the White House if the plane that when down in Pennsylvania reached its destination.

“This is about every single religion and remembering what this country was founded on,” Giannoulias said as he visited the state fair in Springfield. “You can’t just say things when they’re nice and flowery. You have to say them when it’s the right thing to do.”

This country is about freedom of religion. No one is saying Muslims shouldn’t be free to practice their religion, and no one is saying they shouldn’t be able to build a Mosque, but a Mosque at Ground Zero would affect emotions. It’s not rational, it’s emotional. New Yorkers, and Americans, are emotional when it comes to 9/11. If Democrats cannot see that, then it should be the final nail in their coffin when it comes to the idea that they represent our views in anyway.


1) There are more than 100 Mosques in NYC to support more than 800,000 Muslims, and there is not a sizable Muslim contingent near Ground Zero. There is no overriding need in the area, in other words, for Muslims to be represented there.

2) The Muslim religion is a religion of peace, and most Muslims want nothing to do with a Mosque at Ground Zero. Most of the peaceful Muslims want to continue their assimilation process in America, and they do not want the symbolic ill will that will surely occur with the building of the Cordoba House at Ground Zero. Not when a compromise could be reached where the building is erected two miles down the road.

3) Christians are perturbed about the double standard exhibited when groups like the ACLU inform them that they cannot put their religious symbols wherever they want. They get especially enraged when these same groups support Muslim endeavors such as this one.

4) Christians and Americans go out of their way to be sensitive Muslims and other groups that do not look or worship in the same manner they do, but this same accommodation is not afforded to them when they get angry about an issue. They are called names, investigated, and chastised for expressing their wishes.

5) Political and religious leaders are at the front of this movement. The common Muslim is either against this action, or they consider it a non-issue.


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