Liberal elistists versus Americans

Liberals are a silly, elitist lot. They live with the notion that theirs is the way the truth and the light, and anyone who disagrees with them must either be deranged, debilitated in some way, corrupt, full of greedy notions, or as Charles Schumer has said on more than one million occasions, “They are out of touch with mainstream Americans.”

The question must be asked. If John Roberts, Samuel Alito, and any other judge that a conservative seeks to appoint are out of touch with mainstream Americans, what do mainstream Americans believe? In 2003, Schumer moved to block Bill Pryor from serving on the 11th Circuit Court of Appeals on the basis that he had “very, very deeply held views.” Schumer furthered: “His beliefs are so well known, so deeply held that it’s very hard to believe — very hard to believe — that they’re not going to deeply influence the way he comes about saying, ‘I will follow the law.’ ”

Nancy Pelosi says those who disagree with the idea that the Cordoba House (the Muslim Mosque) should be built at Ground Zero need to be investigated. Her inquiry regards how the opposition to the Mosque is being funded. She asks: “How this is being ginned up?”

With Rachael Maddow on his couch, David Letterman said: “I have a theory about Bill O’Reilly. Smart guy. I think he knows better than what he’s doing. He’s doing this, because that’s where the money is. I don’t think you can be as smart as he is and actually believe what he believes.” Letterman has said similar things about Rush Limbaugh and O’Reilly many times.

Conservatism and traditional views have to be a coordinated effort, they say, a scheme, or a conspiracy. If it is possible that some in the masses come to believe the tenants of conservatism, the questions liberals want to know is: “Who is bamboozling them? Who is telling them to believe what they believe.” To paraphrase a popular Hillary Clinton quote, who is behind the ‘right wing’ conspiracy curtain?

The answer to the differences lies in the human brain. Human beings think differently. Some humans have had different experiences in life, and that has affected the way they think. I know Letterman and Pelosi find this hard to believe, but there are some humans in America today who believe that building a mosque at Ground Zero is wrong, and they don’t have to be told this by a schemer or a conspiracy theorist. Some people believe that a government overstepping its Constitutional boundaries is not the manner in which an American government should be run. Some people believe, based on their upbringing, that a person should have the right to bear arms. Some people believe that killing a fetus in the womb, regardless of the months spent in gestation, is wrong. Some people believe that Americans should be able to keep more of their money, so they can freely give it away to charity of their own accord. Some people believe that the liberal elites are incorrect.

I know that it is a difficult concept to grasp. It’s impossible for some liberals to believe that some people do not see their way, their truth and their light, but some of us do, and we’re not all knuckle draggers either. Some of us can complete sentences. Some of us know that sentences require subjects and verbs. We also believe that the Keynesian philosophy of spending the country into chaos is not the manner in which an American government should be run.

I’ve heard some say that the conservative movement is full of racist, homophobes, sexists, xenophobics, ageists, for the rich, against the poor and on and on. In truth, conservatives vote for the individual. Conservatism, in its true form, does not engage in identity politics. They do not vote for what is deemed to be best for Hispanics, blacks, whites, middle Easterners, or the handicapped. They vote for what they believe to be best for America, and they let that trickle down to help individuals of all races, religions, or beliefs.

I had a friend who hated Rush Limbaugh because he turned so many dupes into conservatives. She said that Limbaugh’s entertainment vehicle was enticing to individuals who didn’t know any better. I then asked her if SNL and John Stewart were entertainment vehicles that attempted to sway the dupes to their side of the aisle. She said nothing. This left us with the idea that she hated Rush Limbaugh for beating liberals to the dupes hearts and minds.

Conservatives do not vote for a bill based on the anecdotal evidence of what is best for the lady in Okoboji, Iowa that just lost her puppy due to some form of kennel cough. Liberals use these tactics. They bring forth an unpopular bill and bring forth a Mary Smith and talk about the epidemic of kennel cough, and they deem those who vote against the bill as anti-puppy.

These are the tactics of the liberals. They bring forth bills that are unpopular among the masses. They demonize those who are against their policies, they bribe those on the fence (Mary Landreau, Ben Nelson), and they investigate and intimidate those of the legislative and political action committees that are against their agenda.

The thing that everyday liberal citizens must ask themselves is if their agenda is so good, and it is best for the country in the long run, why do politicians have to engage in these tactics. Most liberals cling to the “everybody does it” defense when it comes to such tactics, but that just doesn’t hold water with this current crop of politicians. The tactics of this administration, and this Congress, have been called unprecedented by insiders like Newt Gingrich. Before you lambaste, or discount, Gingrich as a right-wing radical, you should know that Gingrich has done everything he could recently to appear non-partisan. He simply couldn’t keep his comments about this current crop of liberals any longer.

It strikes liberals as so odd that people do not see their way as the best course of action that they investigate those who disagree with them, they demonize figure heads, and they make people feel stupid for not believing what they believe. If it weren’t for this idea that they are the educated ones, and anyone who disagrees with them is not included in their Ivy League elite thought process, they really wouldn’t have much to offer.

If a greater majority woke one day to realize that they aren’t more compassionate, liberals would be in real trouble. If a greater majority of Americans woke one day to realize that these politicians may, on the whole, have more prestigious educations, but they really don’t know how to fix America’s problems any more than the person on the street, liberals would be in real trouble. If a greater majority of Americans woke one day to realize that most of the liberals have not worked, and the only thing the liberal agenda is successful at is gaining more power for Washington, liberals would be in real trouble.

As it stands right now, liberals have been very successful at promoting the message that they are smart and you are dumb. They have been able to convince the masses that they are wonderful, special people, and you are dumb. They have been able to convince the masses that everything America has done to this point in history is wrong, and you are dumb for being patriotic and moral and traditional and conservative, and for believing everything that they (the conservatives) tell you. Is a time coming when Americans strike back and tell elites like Letterman and Pelosi and Schumer that this is in fact what we believe, and this is the way we want our country run? I hope so, but they have been launching some very successful counter punches.


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