Remember 12-10: A message to Democrat voters

Remember 12-10. It doesn’t rhyme with remember the Alamo, but it should strike as much fear in modern day Democrats as it did the cowboys of yesteryear. Remember 12-10. In December, 2010, the Democrats faced a lame duck session. In this session, there were embittered Democrats who attempted to pass an omnibus bill. In this bill, the Democrats attempted to add another 1.108 trillion to the debt. This omnibus bill contained 8.3 billion in earmarks. Many Republican voters were suspicious about the Republican earmarks in the bill, and some reports have come out that state that those earmarks were old earmarks from other pieces of legislation. These reports also state that the Republican earmarks were added to the omnibus bill to either make Republicans look like hypocrites (against their no earmark stance), or to get Republican support for the bill. The primary earmarks from Republicans included those from John Thune (R-SD), John Cornyn R-TX, and Mitch McConnell (R-KY). All three of these Senators claimed that they would do all they could to see to it that this omnibus bill was defeated if it reached the floor. It never did reach the floor.

It appears that adding five trillion to the debt (since ’07) wasn’t enough for some Democrats, they wanted more. They wanted to ruin the legislative agenda for the Republican controlled, 2011-2012, 112th session of Congress.

Harry Reid took this omnibus bill off the floor. There were enough reasonable Democrats in the Senate, thank God, who said that was a ridiculous expenditure, and the bill failed to reach the floor for a vote. The question is which Democrats informed Harry Reid they would vote for this bill, and which ones informed him they would vote against it? The unstated goal of these embittered Democrats (made bitter by their 11-10 electoral defeat) was to tie up so much money up that the Republican Congress would not have been able to accomplish anything. By doing so, the Democrats would’ve probably achieved an electoral victory in 2012. They most assuredly would’ve bottled the 112th Republican controlled Congress up to such a degree that they could’ve accused them of being a do nothing Congress.

It is well known in Washington that Americans have short-term memories. So, when the 2012 elections roll around, Republicans could’ve rightly said that they had been hamstrung by the 2010 omnibus bill if it were passed. They could’ve said that their desire to control spending was impeded by the 2010 omnibus bill, and if they wanted to control spending they would not have spent a dime in their Congressional session. Either that, or Democrats could’ve pointed to the raw figures of spending in the Congressional spending during the 112th session of Congress, and they could’ve said Republicans spent as much–or more–than the Democrat controlled 111th…even though much of that spending could’ve been attributed to the omnibus bill. It may not have worked, even if the omnibus bill passed, but one thing is sure the American citizen would’ve paid dearly for the bill.

So, I send a message out to sensible Democrats: Remember 12-10. Remember also the Cornhusker kickback, the Louisiana looting, and stimulus packages the stimulated so much growth we were nearly able to top 10% unemployment. Remember the legislation that damaged small and large businesses when you hear Nancy Pelosi say that the 112th should focus itself on creating jobs, remember that Barney Frank said that Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac were fine before the September ’08 damage, remember Chris Dodd’s deal with Countrywide, remember Charlie Wrangle, remember Pelosi flying her family around the country on the taxpayer’s dime, Obama’s trip to India, and remember that all of this followed on the hells of promises of transparency and unprecedented accountability. All of this followed on the heels of successful campaigns against the manner in which the previous administration conducted its business.

I’m not sending this message out to those far left-wing extremists who support Al Franken, James Earl Carter, and George Soros. I’m not sending this message out to those left-wing extremists who would vote for Hugo Chavez or one of the Castros if they somehow managed to get registered as an American Democrat running for office. I’m sending this message out to those registered Democrats who were embarrassed by the 111th Congress, Harry Reid and Chuck Schumer’s Senate, and Barack Obama for their role in leading us all into the greatest debt this country has ever known. I’m sending this message out to those Democrats who love their country and the American way of life more than their party. I’m sending this message out to those who know the American way of life and how it shapes itself in our everyday as opposed to the theoretical “American way” of life that the left-wing extremist dreams up.

I’m sending this message out to the Democrats who are embarrassed about the power the extremist faction of the Democrat party had on this lot in the last two years. I’m sending this as a note to God-fearing, country loving Democrats to let them know that the extremist faction of your party is not out for your well-being, or the well-being of your country. They are out for legislative defeat and promotion of their agenda. Remember that Nancy Pelosi said that she was willing to let some Democrats go down to defeat for the purpose of attaining ideological purity in her party. Remember this is not a football game where it’s your team against mine. Remember that a resounding defeat of one team can result in a resounding defeat for all. Remember what they did to this country the next time you buy a gallon of milk, a gallon of gas, or a two-liter bottle of soda.

Remember that they passed a majority of their agenda in office during the 111th session of Congress, and remember what that agenda was. Was that what you believed it to be when you voted for change in 2008? Also, remember that when a majority of Americans voiced their concerns about the agenda in November 2010, they passed even more of that agenda when they were not accountable to the voters in the lame duck session. Then remember how much more that Harry Reid took off the floor, because he didn’t have the votes for it.

I’m not suggesting that a Democrat should vote Republican, nor am I suggesting that every Democrat is evil or bad, but when you vote Al Franken and Alan Greyson and Chris Dodd and Barney Frank into OUR seats of power you are voting in an hysterical, emotional manner. You’re not voting in a manner that damages this country.

One plank Democrats always fall back on is the ‘Republicans do it too’ response when a Republican criticizes a Democrat. Well, not this time. Under Bush, Republicans did spend too much for my taste, but it didn’t even come close to the ’09-10 spending. When Bush began agreeing to the numerous 110th Congress’s spending measures, I was disheartened, but it pales in comparison to the 111th Congress. Bush’s defense spending measures, and Medicare legislation spending measures, pale in comparison to the spending that occurred under Obama. Good God-fearing, country loving Democrats should remember that the next time an Alan Greyson-type or an Al Franken-type name appears on a ballot. They (the left-wing extremists) can dream up all the anecdotal instances they want to equivocate what their representatives have done in these last two years, but 111th Congress–and all the Democrat representatives in the federal government between ’09 and ’10 conducted historic legislation for all the wrong reasons, and Democrat voters—and all Americans—should remember that the next time around.


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