5 reasons to repeal Obamacare

1) A repeal of the bill would give Congressman and Senators an opportunity to read the bill. If nothing else, as they fought through their pro’s and con’s they might actually read the thing to see what they’re defendind or throttling respectively. Throughout my schooling, I turned in some book reports on books I never read. Dickens’ “A Tale of Two Cities” immediately comes to mind. I thought that book was incredibly boring. I read the Cliff’s notes on that book, and I wrote my book report based on that. The teacher, a Freshman English teacher, gave me an ‘F’ for my efforts. If Nancy Pelosi had been my Freshman English teacher I might’ve gotten away it if I told her that I wrote the book report to find out what was in the book. Most teachers in my life were not as ‘harsh for your own good’ as this Freshman English teacher. Most teachers wanted me to learn from my mistakes. Most of them ‘allowed’ me to learn from my mistakes by letting me do my papers over and over and over until I got it right. Since we’ve all been afforded these opportunities to learn from our mistakes in life, we should ‘allow’ those we call our best and our brightest to learn from their mistakes. We should ‘allow’ them the opportunity to do this whole thing over and over and over again, until they get it right and learn from their mistakes.

2) Very few would say there are no good pages in this current edition of this national healthcare bill. I say we allow our Congressman and Senators to sift through the bill to find those needles in the haystack that don’t damage the economy, the healthcare industry, and the rights of the individual. I say that in the spirit of civility and non-partisanship we put blue ribbon commissions on this task and see if we can find some material that isn’t damaging to this country. Then, once we find, I say we institute it, then mix it with an overwhelming abundance of constructive fixes to the health care industry. We can give the president and Pelosi and Harry Reid their bones, and we can go along way to fixing what is truly wrong with this health care industry without all of the political gains pursued in the last attempt.

3) Tort reform. Just about every human that lives off Capitol Hill and outside the trial lawyer’s political action committee (PAC) circle knows that the legal community has done great damage to the medical profession. Anyone who has had to pay malpractice insurance, from the surgeon to the small town podiatrist (same rates by the way), knows that the legal community needs caps and controls when it comes to lawsuits inflicted on the medical industry. You need some threat of lawsuit to keep the nefarious in check, but the litigious excesses inflicted on the medical community today is killing the industry. Even federal representatives know these excesses are out of control. Even Democrats know this, but they are in so deep to the trial lawyer’s PAC that they can’t get anything done.

Anyone who has had to pay a doctor’s bill and asks for something of a breakdown of the costs, knows that the legal community has been part of the problem for decades. From putting caps on rewards to mandating some sense regarding frivolous cases needs to be done in this arena. I see some of you shaking your heads saying that as long as Democrats are in control of at least one house in Washington this will never get done. It didn’t even get done when Republicans controlled all three houses, some of you are saying. I know it’s a herculean task, but the Democrats took 65 years to tear this industry down, if we can be half as patient we can get anything done. The more we consider this an impossible task, the more it becomes an impossible task.

4) Let those in the industry set the policy for heath care and the health care insrance industry…not self-interested politicians. And…AND politicians cannot choose the representatives of the industry. Too often politicians choose “their” experts to “decide” what they’re going to do with “their” policy. Then they come out with statistics that show 9 out of 10 doctors approve of their plan. The question like-minded, liberal-minded media people never ask is what 10 doctors have been chosen to approve the politician’s plan. No, these industry types need to be plucked from non-political venues by non-political people. Insurance people need to be represented, representatives from family practitioner doctors need to be present, hospital representatives, and all of the other select groups that I haven’t remember to list here that have built the medical world into the envy of the world need representation. Right now we have the politicians acting in their own self-interest doing damage to these institutions in almost irreparable ways, and….AND we should not be looking to politicians to fix this.

5) Overturn the federal law that allows states to ban interstate commerce in health insurance. These health care insurance companies are basically allowed a monopoly due to government regulation. Liberals have told us that the problem is with greedy insurance companies gouging customers, but it is the federal politician (currently the Democrats) keeping the possibility of competition out of this industry by keeping a federal law on the books preventing competition between the states. They say this industry is too important to the daily lives of people to leave it to the market to decide what should and shouldn’t happen, but isn’t it the market that best decides what should and shouldn’t happen? Isn’t it the market that drives a shoddy enterprise out of business, as that shoddy businesses competitors run commercials et. al. on the company to exploit their weaknesses and malfesance? The government just bails the shoddy business out and deems the shoddy business to be “too important to fail”. What goes into the “too important to fail” designation? How many palms are greased in the decision (see sausage) making process? Politicians are the ones who created this monopolistic wall in the health care industry, why are we looking to them to save the day for us? I say we take the advantage of the opportunity this recent turnaround in Congress, in the governorships, and in the state legislatures has presented us to tell Washington: “Mr. Bureaucrat, tear down this wall!”


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