The Issues

On Spending: To paraphrase Obama, ‘we’ve tried their way, and look where it’s gotten us?’ We’ve tried raising taxes through the Carter years, the Clinton years, and even the George W. Bush years. We’ve tried having the top 25% of income earners pay 86% of all federal income taxes, and it has gotten us nowhere. We’ve tried their way, why don’t we try a new way. Why don’t we really try a change this time? Instead of raising taxes on the rich, let’s cut them. Raising taxes on the rich, or as Obama puts it, spending through the tax code, hasn’t worked. We have states going into debt, estimates have unemployment at anywhere between 15% to 20%, and we have the baby boom generation just getting ready to go on the dole. We need money. Let’s keep jobs in America. Let’s cut corporate taxes and pull back on regulation. Let’s reverse the trend Obama. Let’s stop all the selfish greed in Washington. Let’s let the people keep their money, rather than taking it from them and distributing it out to help elect Democrats. I say we try, just try, try cutting spending. We’ve tried your way for about the past ten years, through Obama and Bush, how about we try something a little different? How about real hope and change?

Global Warming: Just because it’s negative, just because it’s anti-corporate and just because Algore says “yes huh!” doesn’t mean it’s true. I’ve heard some say that we need to stop listening to talk show hosts and start listening to scientists. With the fairly recent email scandals that came out of England’s University of East Anglia, why should anyone trust scientists? They have as much an agenda in this whole deal as everyone else. Why should they be allowed to the front of the line? They’re the nerdy, liberals that envy and hate the fat cats on Wall Street and the industrial society of the U.S., and they will apparently do anything to tug them down a notch.

The Rule of Law: Remember the ‘rule of law’ arguments that every liberal used during the Bush administration. Those were the good old days for liberals. As much as they hated Bush, they felt a little more superior than the rest of us, they felt a little more anointed, because they could feel like an outsider and hip and like James Dean or Brando they could stick it to the man. Even when Bush won lawsuits and acted accordingly when he didn’t, liberals wouldn’t let the “law breaking” “constitution thwarting” labels lie. While, the new man hasn’t broken any laws or subverted the constitution overtly, you don’t hear liberals scream when Obama chooses which laws to defend and obey. Then he goes forward with a law (Obamacare) that has been voided by a judge, and no liberals have the slightest problem with it. You don’t see the “random” interviews on the street with “average” citizens who hate Obama and think he’s a (fill in the blank with whatever mindless drivel they used to repeat about Bush). No, liberals, the good old days are gone when it comes to the executive Branch. Dick Durbin claims that they can proceed with implementation of Obamacare, errr the health care initiative, errr the medical security social safety so you sleep law because the judge didn’t put an injunction on it. Judge Roger Vinson basically voided the law. He has since claimed that he didn’t think he had to put an injunction on it. He thought his ruling was the functional equivalent of an injunction. “Yeah, suck on that law dude!”

Gender identification: I don’t know if it was liberalism, minds of modernity, or people trying to be smarter, more cultured, or more sensitive, but we all done screwed the pooch on gender roles. Very few people like the evolution, but very few people will admit it. We go along to get along. Girls are farting and belching now. Guys are crying now and walking with baby pouches around their bellies and wearing sandals and that’s just fine because they’re more comfortable and what’s wrong with being comfortable and I’m sorry Jesus was the last grown man to look good in sandals or mandals or whatever they’re calling them nowadays. The sitcoms reversed the roles. Men are dumb now. Women were dumb in the 50’s. Anyone who doubts me needs to look at the sitcoms of today and compare them to The Lucy Show. The jokes are the same. The doofus and the domesticated have simply switched genders.

Capital Punishment: In the modern day, no provably innocent man has been executed. Due to the fact that there have been so many movies made about innocent men being convicted some people find this hard to believe. Movies and books are the theoretical playground for the liberals. They play the “what if” games in your mind to try and convince you that we as a society are not doing all we can to prevent an innocent man from falling between the cracks. It’s not happened in our modern society. Those of us who believe that capital punishment should remain in state books hope that anyone and everyone who uses capital punishment does so discriminately. We do not want to see innocent men sentenced. We do not mind the long waits on death row, to some degree, if it means that the innocent are eventually separated from the guilty.

Abortion: The same cannot be said of those who are pro-abortion. I know some will say that it’s the pro-choice movement, the woman’s health movement, the movement that needs advanced methods of birth control so they can sleep at night, but there are pro-abortion members of the other side of the aisle, and they do not discriminate. They protest videos, literature, and counseling sessions. They protest the fact that the patient receives more information before killing the fetus in their womb. They claim that Planned Parenthood should receive money from my paycheck to pay for abortions, because their doctors have more hygienic techniques.

Peasant Society: I wish that were my phrase. It’s Victor David Hanson’s. In his National Review Online article he commented on my favorite Obama line: “I mean, I do think at a certain point you’ve made enough money.” Most people think that was a slip of the tongue and Obama never intended to reveal that much about his thoughts. Hanson’s commentary: “Traditional peasant societies believe in only a limited good.” In other words, you can only have so much money, before it should be someone else’s too. If someone has a great Joanie Loves Chachi T-shirt you get mad, if you’re a liberal, because you should have one too. You do not want to get that job that eventually leads you to a place where you can afford one. You don’t want to strive for the sweet “JLC” shirt, and you don’t want to earn one. You should simply have one, because no one person should have a Joanie Loves Chachi T-shirt that nice. It’s not good social justice, or it exhibits irresponsible corporate behavior. As Cato Institute Economist Daniel Mitchell says: “Italy is incapable of reform at this point, and this is due to the fact that people have concluded that they have a right to live off the income of others.” How far away is America from becoming this peasant society, or are we already here?

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