O’Keefe and NPR

Some liberals say that the tactics muckraking James O’Keefe engages in are unseemly and ungentlemanly. They say, “How would you like it if someone engaged in such activities with a conservative group?” We’ve seen that movie before. I think we’ve seen that movie more than we’ve seen 80’s movies that had adults somehow switching roles with kids, or Lethal Weapon rip offs. I think there is some lonely, little liberal living in someone’s basement that puts his thirty year collection of NBC’s greatest into a VHS player whenever the idea is introduced to him that liberalism may be on the lower side of popularity in this election cycle.

As we know from watching zany, formulaic ’80’s movies, most elitists don’t need a great deal of nudging to expose themselves. The fact that no one beat James O’Keefe to this muckraking role is what is a little shocking. Most of the leaders of these organizations have been susceptible to exposure for years. The reason for this is that they have never faced scrutiny before. They’ve grown soft and vulnerable to a James O’Keefe style investigation. It is characteristic of privileged, elitist snobs.

In this particular script the character playing an NPR executive, Ron Schiller, needs only to believe that his organization is to receive 5 million to launch into a dialogue that contains elitist rants about people that are not like Schiller. To demonize him properly for this ninety minute movie, the script will need to have Schiller criticize just about every American group save for those of an ethnic minority. We’ll have him call non-liberals uneducated cretins that are “seriously racist, racist people.” In other words, we’ll have him paraphrase that non-objective bumper sticker of the 90’s ‘mean people suck!’ I realize that it’s a little over the top, but if we’re going to make our good guy look good, we need to get our audience to relate to him through comparative analysis. We could have him say something like: “I mean basically they believe in sort of white, middle-America gun toting.” We’ll have him say this to our O’Keefe character even though our O’Keefe character is posing as a member of an organization that has connections to the Muslim Brotherhood. I know it’s been reported that members of the Muslim Brotherhood have connections to the term gun toting, but the audience won’t remember it, so our Schiller character won’t either.

“Why do they keep falling for it?” we’ll have a voiceover say during the previews that show the undercover videos of ACORN and Planned Parenthood. We’ll have that one guy with the zany voice read the voice over as we show the stumbling, bumbling ACORN and Planned Parenthood characters falling all over themselves to try and thwart our mischievous main character who outsmarts them all. “They’re supposed to be the cool kids,” the voice over will say, “they’re the SNL, the Rolling Stone, and the Oliver Stone types that make conservatives fall for stuff. This isn’t supposed to happen to them!” (Cue the 70’s comedy sounds as we show a close up of them shrugging to the camera with their hands out and a silly expression on their face.) “It’s supposed to be the other way around…or so they think.” (Cue the canned laughter.) “They’re supposed to be the smart guys, the Krugmans, the Frank Rich’s, the Woodward and Bernsteins’. Their guys have never been this dumb in the movies before. The hijinks never stop. Join us won’t you?”

One can help but watch these videos without thinking of all of the traditional warriors of years gone by complaining about the advent of guerilla warfare. It was considered ungentlemanly in the British forces when George Washington was a part of them. Senior Generals in the British military wouldn’t teach their generals this fighting method because they thought it would dishonor them. Guerilla warfare basically consists of hiding in trees and diminishing the forces that stand in the clearing waiting for the gentlemen of the opposing forces to step forward and take turns firing upon one another in toe to toe combat. They fired upon those open field forces with “pot shots” that devastated the enemy. I have no problem with certain constraints when they are coupled with gamesmanship and gentlemanly codes, until it comes to war, and until it comes to one set of forces attempting to achieve independence from the other. At that point, I think of Oakland Raiders owner Al Davis motto: “Just win baby!”

For a couple generations now, liberal forces have fought under the guise of rebel forces fighting whatever Sith Lord they dreamt up in an election year or a legislative week. Was it entirely true? No, but the mentality gave rise to the temerity they needed to fight and “Just win baby!” Liberals basically used this phrase to one another when one of theirs grew squeamish about the tactics they occasionally had to use. It doesn’t matter what you do under a pile, as long as you come out with the football, it doesn’t matter what you do in the hotel room before the game, and if you’re not cheating you’re not trying. “Just win baby!” The liberals have been Davis’ Raiders (the old Raiders that used to win) for a couple generations, while the conservatives have been the gentlemanly British asking for gentlemanly combat and refusing to allow their generals to engage the enemies in ways unseemly or lacking in gamesmanship.

As a result of this open field slaughter, The Raiders/liberals have taken over. They’re running the government funded schools, the government run political action groups, and the government run radio shows. This overwhelming victory has led them to arc their noses in the air just a tad as they put a hanky to their mouth and say, “well I never” when conservatives expose their hypocrisies, dualities and inconsistencies. Conservatives are the new Serpicos. Conservatives are the bloggers, the radio show hosts and now the muckrakers with cameras exposing the liberal institutions for what they are and for what they have probably always been. “Juts win baby!”

One of the reasons liberals fall for this stuff so easily is that they think they’re the good guys. They also believe that they are too smart to fall for the games of the unwashed masses, the little people, the bitter clingers, and the conservatives. Harry Reid once said, “You could literally smell the tourists coming.” They think they can smell non-liberals coming from a mile away. If that is in fact the case, why do they keep falling for it? It’s due to the fact that they have thought so much of themselves for so long that they believe that they are impenetrable. They have been sheltered from scrutiny for so long that they welcome the wise-cracking, lovable main character to dinner simply because he offers them money that big brother is threatening to take away. They could care less that that person informs them that he is a part of the Muslim Brotherhood, and that he’s created a website to fortify his deception. As we watch the movie, we can’t believe that the snob falls for it. We can’t believe that he is so foolish, and we laugh and shake our heads and pity him for the fool he is. The exposure that the affable main character displayed for us was funny, but the manner in which the effete snob exposed himself gave value to the ticket we purchased for this show. It seemed a little implausible at times, but as with all great comedy there has to be a grain of truth for it to be hilarious.

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