In 2007, Forbes Magazine ranked Vermont as the 32nd best state in which to do business. This was down from 30th in the previous year, and they expect the state to continue to decline for the next thirty years. Why is this the case, an interested party might ask. Is it because Teddy Bears are there primary export? Is it because businesses are injuring themselves in an attempt to flee the burning building? I know, IBM is still there, but one has to wonder if their business chairmen aren’t questioning their decision to stay in the business climate that is being created in the state. A 2010 University of Connecticut study reported that Vermont, Rhode Island, and New Hampshire tied as the most costly states in the U.S. for manufacturers. Now, Vermont is passing state-wide health care, what they call universal health care. It just passed their state house (5/5/2011), and it now goes to the desk of a Governor that is eager to sign it. This plan would provide a publicly funded “single payer” option.

Vermont’s roadmap for universal healthcare coverage and a publicly financed health plan has received mixed reviews from physicians in that state. According to a survey conducted by Democratic state Rep. George Till, MD, who voted for the legislation, 44.2% of physicians support the single-payer concept, and 45.6% oppose it. Opponents tend to be specialists, who are more likely than primary care physicians to view the new system as financially unattractive. In addition, 28.4% of physicians say they would likely stop practicing medicine in Vermont if the proposed reforms come to fruition.


The state may finally be achieving the disaster status they’ve been trying to achieve for decades.

Liberals are just beside themselves with glee. Amidst the Wisconsin “debacle”, involving state union employees, and the Indiana “debacle”, the New Jersey one, the one in Ohio, Maine, Missouri, Alabama, and Arizona, liberals have grown quite glum. Then comes the news that New York and California are “considering” a looksee into the benefits received by government workers in their respective states. Vermont finally gives them something that they can squeak about.

When I first heard that Vermont’s congress and senate passed state-wide health care I thought, good deal…good riddance. Go ahead and secede. Join Canada already. It wouldn’t be much of a reach. It would be similar to 49er Safety Ronnie Lott asking that his nagging pinkie be amputated rather than endure the pain and suffering of endless surgeries and rehabilitation and missed game time. I don’t know how many Americans I speak for, but I wouldn’t miss them.

I would tell them to take their Teddy Bears, and their Cabot Cheese, and whatever the heck else they do and join the Canucks already. Oh, I would say, and don’t forget Patrick Leahy, and Bernie Madoff…er Bernie Sanders. Take them with you for God’s sake. And you can’t leave Howard “Ca Caw!” Dean either. Yeah, we saw you try to sneak out the door without him. He’s yours. You elected him and brought him to national prominence. You need to suffer the consequences of that that momentary lapse of reason. Just join the Canucks in your business free, communal joint, and get it over with.

The thing liberals never seem to get, until they succeed in forcing it down our throats like Ipecac to get us to vomit up our money for our own good, is that communal health care may work in small districts with small populations—even though Romney care has been called an unqualified disaster for Massachusetts (Rasmussen Reports found that 26% of Mass. residents considered Romney’s Health Care Reform a resounding success while 37% said it was a failure)—but it will be an unqualified disaster with 300 plus million when it goes national.

Like I said, these were all the initial thoughts of a conservative who says if you dislike the way this country runs so much, why don’t you leave? There are plenty of European countries (clinging to the cliff because of similar anti-business policies) that would be happy to take you in. There are plenty of European countries that will fulfill your theoretical stage of nirvana. Why do you have to turn the last great bastion of freedom into a breeding ground for your failed ideas? Then it dawned on me. Why don’t we keep Vermont and Massachusetts and turn them into the last great bastion of liberalism. Allow all of the illegal aliens safe harbor from all U.S. immigrant laws with the provision that they live only in Vermont and Massachusetts.

Vermont Senators attempted to propose an amendment that would bar illegal immigrants from receiving the benefits of their version of universal health care, but Senate negotiators dropped the amendment to appease human rights activists.

After Vermont’s Senate last week adopted this amendment proposed by Sens. Randy Brock, R-Franklin, and Richard Sears, D-Bennington, activists with the Health Care is a Human Right Campaign of the Vermont Workers’ Center, who had been providing strong grass-roots support for the health reform measure, turned on the senators.

Brock continued to defend his amendment Monday night, arguing that it is in keeping with federal law, and that if Vermont wants the federal permissions it needs to pursue its envisioned health system reform, it can’t flout federal immigration law.

“It’s clear we need a federal immigration policy that makes sense, and we need a guest worker program,” Brock said. “But it’s also clear that Vermont cannot and should not provide insurance coverage to people who are not here lawfully.”


Makes sense? What are you talking about makes sense? You facist, nazi pig. We’re not here to make sense. We’re here, at this point in history, to make everyone feel good, and do what’s good and right…er left…er liberal. We won’t run out of other people’s money, they say, and businesses won’t flee, and the millionaires will be glad to pay a little extra. It’s their civic duty to the unfortunate among us. It’s their patriotic as Joe Biden and Bill Maher say. Plus, it worked in Maryland didn’t it?

The goal of the Brock/Sears amendment was to make the universal health proposal more palatable to business, and subsequently, to the house. Their goal was to try to make sense of the bill coupled with the federal immigration through the amendment. (LOL) Well, the house passed it anyway, and the business community obviously doesn’t have the same degree of gravitas in Vermonada as special interest groups do. Take that IBM.

“The trouble with socialism is that you eventually run out of other people’s money,” Margaret Thatcher.

Another initial plan I had was to block federal grants and federal funds from entering these two states, as those of us who believe in capitalism shouldn’t have to pay for the theoretical failures of the left, but I realized that we’re paying those theories already. With that in mind, why not allocate some of these resources to keep all liberals in either Massachusetts or Vermont? If you’re a liberal, we will give you a tax deduction to live in these two states as long as you don’t say anything on a national level. As long as you don’t propose federal legislation and bully weak Republicans into voting for them, you can have your nirvana. Bernie Madoff…Sanders and Howard Dean are not allowed to speak in front of a camera, unless it’s MSNBC, or the local news networks in those states. Democrats are still allowed to speak in my America, but if you’re a far left wing extremist you’ll be relegated to Vermont and Massachusetts and MSNBC. They will welcome you with open arms there, and a cup of hot cocoa, and a motherly hug. The rest of us can live in our red states, enjoying our freedom, without nationalized health care, four dollar a gallon gas and 14% unemployment. We can free up businesses from the extreme left’s anti-business legislation. They can levy all the taxes and business regulations on businesses that decide to stay in Vermont and Massachusetts. We can call it operation freedom.


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